12 Days of Christmas Bingo Budget Tips

Glisten up ladies, for as you know Christmas is just around the corner!And what does this mean? Well, Santa Claus is coming to bingo town!  Snowflakes will glisten, the bingo players will be listening, and your favourite bingo site will be bringing plenty of Christmas cheer.It is very easy to get carried away on a spending spree at this time of year, so I’ve prepared some special Christmas bingo budget tips for you to consider.

It’s a Ho-Ho-Ho and away we go! Yes, ladies, it’s time for me to show you how to make the most of your Christmas bingo budget.Stay smart during the festive holidays, and make sure your budget is there to last and serve you well.Tons of promotions are usually on offer at Christmastime, and temptation is everywhere.So it’s my job to act as Mrs. Bingo Claus and assist you all with your budgets, making sure you have the best Christmas bingo time ever while spending your money wisely!

Stretch Your Bingo Budget – 12 Tips for Every Day of Christmas

Have you already started dreaming of a white bingo Christmas? Here are 12 invaluable tips to merrily set you off:

  1. Claim your welcome bonus.
  2. Play free bingo games inplenty.
  3. Claim your reload bonuses.
  4. Play jolly bingo games.
  5. Play at quieter times.
  6. Join in on some higher priced games.
  7. Buy six tickets for each game.
  8. Only buy max tickets a few times, if you can afford.
  9. Play preset jackpots.
  10. Play progressive jackpots.
  11. Win Santa’s Christmas gifts.
  12. Play chat games.

Christmas Bingo Budget 12 Tips

Bingo Wonderland Welcome Bonus

When a player joins a site and makes their first deposit they will receive a big bonus. This is credited to the player’s account as bingo bonus, and some sites provide bonuses on certain games too. I have no doubt that there will be a number of massive bonuses going out to newbies this festive season. So if you haven’t joined a bingo site yet, now is probably the best time to do so and partake in some yuletide merriment. Let’s crack on ladies to witness an example of a ‘Wonderland first-time deposit bonus’:

  • Bingo player, Frosty Bell, makes her first ever deposit of £20.00.
  • She receives a 300% bingo bonus as a festive reward.
  • This means that Frosty gets an added sparkling Christmas bonus worth £60.00.
  • This affects Frosty’s account balance as follows: £20.00 cash plus £60.00 bonus, giving Frosty Bell a total of £80 worth of bingo funds.

Since Frosty is new to online bingo, the likelihood is that she doesn’t know how to work within her bingo budget. So this is where I come in, proffering my bingo expertise and sprinkling some lucky reindeer dust on all your bingo cards!

Christmas Bingo Budget Welcome Bonus


Giftastic Reload Bonuses

For all you expert bingo players out there: You will probably already be familiar with those giftastic reload bonuses, which are occasional offers given by bingo sites to players that have already deposited money on the site and that come either at specific amounts or as a percentage of the deposit. (The reload bonus applies for all deposits made after the first one.) This is a real treat for players, so be sure to pick up your coupon codes to avoid missing out on this year’s festive bargains and your chance to drastically increase your bingo budget. It makes good sense to deposit at Christmastime since bonuses are greater now than any other time of year.


Festive Free Bingo

You can find a multitude of free games on a bingo site, so do make it a point to head to the free games room every now and then. Play as many games as you can, and if you’re allowed to pre-buy them, then that’s even better. Remember to schedule your free games because you don’t want to miss out. Winning free games is an added bonus your budget is increased without costing you a single penny! Mrs. Claus says “Santa Baby, this is just the way we Ladies love it”.


Deck the halls with jolly bingo games

Many bingo sites have such an abundance of games on offer that it’s never an easy task to choose the best games. However, the most popular are 90-ball, 80-ball, 75-ball and 5-Line Bingo. Once you have made your deposit, your first port of call should be to go to the bingo rooms, and check out the games. But don’t forget to scan the bingo site’s promotional page as this will be brimming with sparklingnew offers to heighten your Christmas spirit.


Don’t you just love that peace and quiet?

I don’t blame you! It’s Christmastime and all you want to do is get out there and socialise. However, if you want to stand a better chance of winning, then do be advised that playing at times when games are poorly attended will get you places since the odds depend on the number of cards being played in a particular game andthere will be less competition for the jackpot.


Try the Higher Priced Games

You might be thinking I’m crazy for saying this, but if your pocket allows it, do join in on some of the higher priced games as these come with much larger prizes that are sure to make your Christmas an unforgettable one. Just be on your toes and ensure that you play only as much as you can afford.


6 Tickets Go a Long Way

It is advisable to buy a minimum of six tickets (known as a strip) so that your chances of winning will be even greater since you’ll be guaranteed to be able to mark off every number as it is called.Remember to watch out for the special games, which normally come at a higher ticket price, but can win you some big Christmas money if you get to call ‘bingo’! Buy at least one ticket strip, but if you can afford to splash out on more, then go for it.


Don’t Go on a Wild Spending Spree

Don’t maximise your tickets unless you have won and can afford it.Although it’s a well known fact that the more tickets you purchase, the greater are the chances of winning, this is not always the case.Imagine if you maxed out on every game and didn’t win a single penny? Just be careful!


Pretty Preset Jackpot

Be sure to watch out for some preset jackpots. These games are manually set so that players have more than one chance of winning the pot. Let’s view an example of a preset jackpot below:

  • Win the full house festive game on 42 numbers or less, and you get £50,000.
  • Win the full house festive game on 43 numbers or less, and you get £40,000.
  • Win the full house festive game on 44 numbers or less, and you get £30,000.
  • Win the full house festive game on 45 numbers or less, and you get £20,000.
  • Win the full house festive game on 46-90 numbers or less, and you get £10,000.

Make it a point to buy your cards in advance for this type of jackpot game.You never know when Santa could be coming down your bingo chimney with a whopping £50K!But you have to be in it to win it.My advice to you is to only buy a few tickets into this type of game.Otherwise, if you don’t win, your budget will shrink to no more than some merereindeer dust!

Christmas Bingo Budget Jackpot


Joyful Progressive Jackpots

The love of Christmas normally brings huge jackpot games too. But what is a progressive jackpot? The prizes here are larger than those of normal bingo games. The jackpot starts at a certain amount and grows each time players buy tickets until the game is won. Some people buy into the game at its onset, while others only play when the pot is high, or when the game is mid way. I recommend that you join the game mid way, which is when the jackpot is valued at £500 or more. However, unfortunately there’s no tactic for definitely winning the game, as bingo is a game of chance. All you can do is buy as many cards as you can afford. I’ve known players who’ve spent a fortune trying to win the prize.Then, along came a new player and won the pot in no time! However, it’s worth taking the chance as the jackpots at Christmastime are huge.


Santa’s Christmas Gifts

If you don’t win the jackpot, then it will have to be one of the many gifts that the season has to offer. At this time of year, bingo games come with lovely gifts such as shopping vouchers, hampers, make-overs, and computer tablets. Some sites go as far as awarding cars to their winners! To participate, players are required to buy tickets into certain bingo promotions that are similar to a raffle draw. So go on and participate in a few of these, and your Christmas tree could end up looking pretty impressive!


Cash in on the Christmas Chatter

Another great way to stay within the boundaries of your budget is to play ‘Chat Games’. There’s a bucket-load of these available on online bingo sites, and many different types for you to enjoy too. These games offer many benefits: you get to make new friends, you get to know your chat hosts better, and they accelerate that bingo community buzz. The chat host, who entertains the room,holds fun games and will normally pay the winners 1,000 loyalty points (LPS) or more. 1,000LPS = £1.00 bonus! I would certainly recommend joining in on the chat games asthey’re usually free to take part in, and if you win a few of them, so much the better for your budget. An example of a chat game is the ‘Lucky Number Chat Game’. This is how it’s played: Each player selects a number between 1 and 90, and listens out for their number to be announced by the caller. The first correct claim wins 1,000LPS (£1 bonus)!

Special Christmas Promotion – 24 Days of 888Ladies Magical Jackpotland

All players at 888Ladies bingo are in for some sensational, enchanting cash surprises.888Ladies have a very special Christmas promotion running from the 2nd to 26th December, where the prizes are huge and the ticket prices low, so you’d better not miss out on this one!

Six Magical Christmas Games Worth £10K!

Players will have SIX CHANCES to scoop big cash prizes in the ‘Jackpotland’ promotion. You won’t need Santa’s sleigh ride to get there.All you have to do is watch out for upcoming games and buy your tickets. I will keep the prizes a secret for now. We all love surprises don’t we?However, I can reveal that the six games will have prizes ranging from £1,000 through to £3,000per game.And there is whooping £10,000 up for grabs!The ticket prices are extremely affordable, and range from 0.15p to 0.25p each.

What better surprise could there be than winning one of these Christmas games at very little cost? Dreams do come true at 888Ladies, every single day of the week!So watch out for the six sparkling jackpots coming up in December 2015..

Your Christmas Cracker Gift – Bingo Budget Checklist

I’m sure that you’ve found the 12 tips for stretching your budget this Christmas highly useful. I have therefore prepared a Christmas calendar for you to print outso that you can refer to it any time you want. It includes all the 12 tips that I have mentioned above, and should you wish, you may even use it all year round. The calendar will certainly come in useful to newcomers to the online bingo scene.

You can now go on to preparing your Christmas bingo budget, and start dreaming of a bright and festive bingo time!

Ho, Ho, Ho – Merry Christmas from Mrs. Bingo Claus and all the staff at 888Ladies. May your dreams come true and may you win lots of cash this festive season!