FREE Bingo The Ultimate Guide!

The Ultimate Guide to FREE Bingo!

In our Ultimate Guide, we have gathered all of the most commonly asked questions regarding Free Bingo and answered them in one concise, easy to read and fun article. To give you a taste of what’s ahead, here is a rundown of the questions:

  • What Exactly is Free Bingo?
  • Why Play Free Bingo?
  • Do You Win Prizes in Free Bingo?
  • Are There Bonuses in Free Bingo?
  • How Do Online Bingo Sites Make Money From Free Bingo?
  • How Did the Concept of Free Bingo Come About?
  • Where Can I Play Free Bingo?
  • How Do I get Started?
  • What Are Some Good Free Bingo Tips?
  • Are There Any Drawbacks to Playing Free Bingo?

Let’s Begin…

What Exactly is Free Bingo?

Simply put, free bingo is a bingo game in which you don’t have to deposit any money. Yes, that’s right! In free bingo you play for FREE!

  • No deposit required.
  • Play bingo for free.

Why Play Free Bingo?

The Ultimate Guide to FREE Bingo!

Apart from the fact that it’s free, there are other factors that make free bingo worth a go. With the huge variety of online bingo sites out there, it can be a challenge deciding which one to join. Many sites help you along by offering no deposit bingo, which is essentially free bingo. This gives players a great opportunity to familiarize themselves with a game or website before deciding to deposit real money, in other words, ‘try before you buy’! No deposit bingo is also great for bingo newbies.

For those new to the game, free bingo allows them to practice and learn but it is not only newbies that benefit from free bingo. Seasoned and experienced players also enjoy free games that provide all the fun and excitement of regular bingo without any cost, which is great if you are on a tight budget. You could say that a free bingo subculture has developed whereby people go and play purely for the fun, with the added plus that they can win actual prizes! The fact that free bingo is so popular means that you are guaranteed to encounter lots of other lovely people and have a good laugh.

  • Free bingo gives you the chance to ‘test drive’ different bingo games and websites.
  • Even experienced and seasoned players love to play free bingo.
  • Ultimately, free bingo is tons of fun!

Do You Win Prizes in Free Bingo?

Free bingo

Actually yes, you can win prizes even though you didn’t deposit any money. As with paid bingo, free bingo awards all different types of prizes. Although you did not make a deposit, you can still win a cash prize in free bingo. Naturally, cash amounts won’t be as large as they would in a paying game, plus you are not likely to find a progressive jackpot because progressives are made up of real money that players deposit. That said, you can easily find free bingo sweepstakes.

There are daily and monthly sweeps that offer some great cash prizes as well as gift vouchers, branded merchandise, consolation prizes and other fancy gifts. Some online bingo sites give out something called “freebies”, also known as “loyalty points”, “free bucks” or some other name, depending on the site. Freebies are basically free money with which you can play. You cannot withdraw a freebie but you can use it to play and possibly win a prize that is cash or a gift.

  • You can win cash prizes in free bingo.
  • There are free bingo daily and monthly sweepstakes.
  • As well as cash, you can win gift vouchers, branded merchandise and consolation prizes.
  • Prizes also come in the form of “freebies”, which is money you can use to play.
  • You can’t withdraw “freebies”, but they can help you win real money (which can be withdrawn).

Are There Bonuses in Free Bingo?

Bingo for free

As we have seen, most online bingo sites offer some form of free bingo. But what about bonuses? The websites are already letting you play for free, so you would not be alone in wondering whether the giveaway ends there. As it happens, some sites do indeed offer such a thing as a ‘no deposit bingo bonus’! These usually range between £1 and £20 and are given away free as part of a no deposit welcome bonus.

In addition, free bingo sites often offer huge additional bonuses upon your first real money deposits, for example you might receive a 1150% welcome bonus (upon real deposit). Spread over your first 3 deposits, you could look forward to getting an extra 500%, 350% and 300% on top of your 1st, 2nd and 3rd deposits respectively. Note, sites that offer no deposit bonuses usually apply strict withdrawal policies, so do make sure you check all the terms and conditions before playing!

  • Free bingo sites often give out no deposit bingo bonuses when you register.
  • No deposit welcome bonuses usually range between £1 and £20.
  • As an incentive, many sites offer huge welcome bonuses to those who decide to make a real deposit.
  • Be sure to read the terms & conditions though, no deposit bonuses usually come with stringent withdrawal requirements.

How Do Online Bingo Sites Make Money From Free Bingo

free online bingo

You must be wondering to yourself, surely there’s a catch, there’s no such thing as a free meal ticket! Generally speaking, bingo sites make a decent penny so they can afford to spoil their players from time to time. Some are also making a lot of money through advertising. Websites with many members are what is called, prime real estate. Due to the sheer volume of visitors and ‘traffic’, advertisers are willing pay top £££’s because they know their promotional banners will be viewed.

In addition, some sites offering free bingo do so but with conditions. For example, they may only give out a certain amount of free cards, after which it costs money if you want to continue to play. In this instance, the website makes money in the hope that players will come back for more. Some will only allow you to play for free if you have deposited within the last 7 days. Alternatively, they will offer free bingo to new players for a limited period only. So you can see that in free bingo, everybody benefits. Note, it is always a good idea to read the game conditions before playing free bingo.

  • Bingo originates from an Italian lotto game from 1530.
  • The earliest free version of bingo was more of a game to help children with their maths.
  • Free online bingo came about in 2009 when sites were forced to adapt their business model in the virtual world.
  • Most sites today offer some form of free bingo.

How Did the Concept of Free Bingo Come About?

free bingo games to play

The earliest version of bingo wasn’t exactly free. Bingo, stems from an Italian lotto game that was around way back in 1530. Italian lotto remains a massive institution until this day, with a current yearly contribution of over 75 million dollars! The French and Germans proceeded to make some changes to the structure of the cards and you could say that the first ‘free’ version of bingo was introduced in the 1800’s when the Germans used it as an educational game to help children with their multiplication tables.

But true bingo, as we know it, was born from the Beano version of the game that was made popular by an American named Edwin S. Lowe just after the stock market crash of 1929. Lowe would charge humble amounts and give out modest prizes, yet the game sky rocketed in popularity, becoming a worldwide phenomenon until this day, especially in the UK, where bingo halls are a national institution. Bingo halls charge an entrance fee or a membership fee which keeps the business going as well as funding the prizes. When online bingo came about in the 90’s, websites tried to follow this model but over the years online brands have had to refine the process by using their significant resources to enhance the accessibility of free game play and encourage long term player participation.

In 2009, Cheeky Bingo was the first site to offer free bingo for real cash and Costa Bingo was soon to follow. Nowadays, almost all sites offer free bingo in some form or other. As we said earlier, free bingo benefits both the house and its players, plus it contributes to the fun traditional spirit of the game!

  • Bingo originates from an Italian lotto game from 1530.
  • The earliest free version of bingo was more of a game to help children with their maths.
  • Free online bingo came about in 2009 when sites were forced to adapt their business model in the virtual world.
  • Most sites today offer some form of free bingo.

Where Can I Play Free Bingo?

find free bingo

As we said previously, free bingo is available on almost all online bingo sites these days, particularly the new ones that want to build a following! Some sites are primarily dedicated to free bingo. Free bingo is their main selling point and they offer some great fun games and incentives. That said, keep an eye out for fine print and conditions that might require a deposit at some point. Conversely, sites that are focused on paid bingo will often offer a small section with free games for beginners and newbies.

So you can see that free bingo comes in various models, formats and styles. Ultimately, the goal of free bingo is to have fun, make friends and maybe win some prizes along the way. The best idea is to try out different sites until you find the one that best suits your tastes and requirements.

  • Free bingo can be found on almost all online bingo sites nowadays.
  • Some sites are dedicated solely to free bingo.
  • Most sites focus on paying bingo but they offer free bingo games for newbies.
  • Different bingo sites cater to different tastes and needs.

How Do I get Started?

how to start playing free bingo

Playing free bingo couldn’t be simpler. Look around your favourite bingo site for the newbies or free bingo section. Alternatively, do a Google search for a website that is purely dedicated to free bingo. Most free games don’t even require you to download the game, you can play online via your web browser. All you have to do is follow a couple of easy steps to register and start playing your way to some fun prizes!

Most websites, especially regulated ones, only allow players of 18+ years, or whichever is considered the legal age in your home jurisdiction. All players are required to adhere to the laws of the country (or state) in which they reside or from which they visit the website. Pretty much all free bingo sites have chat rooms where you can socialize and have fun whilst playing your favorite game. In free bingo, fun is the name of the game!

  • Search around your favorite bingo site for the free bingo section.
  • You can also do a web search for websites purely focused on free bingo.
  • You need to be of legal age to play free bingo too!
  • Make use of free bingo chat rooms.

What Are Some Good Free Bingo Tips?

good free bingo tips

The most valuable and sensible tip has to be – ALWAYS read the rules, regulations and fine print. Different games come with different conditions and you don’t want to be disappointed about the outcome or get caught off guard. Also, make sure you are not breaking any of the laws of your country (each country and jurisdiction has its own gaming and gambling laws).

Use free bingo as an opportunity to learn about the game and develop your skills. You can also use free bingo as an opportunity to become part of a fun and vibrant community. Who knows, you might even make new friends or pen pals! However, as with all online interactions, keep your wits about you and take precautions before disclosing any personal information. We also suggest that you check the game schedules regularly, so as not to miss out on any special bingo promotions. Above all, don’t take the game too seriously.

  • To avoid disappointment, always read the rules & regulations.
  • Make sure you stick to the gambling laws of your country.
  • Use free bingo as an opportunity to learn and grow.
  • Check game schedules regularly.
  • Enjoy the social aspect of free bingo and remember to keep things light and fun!

Are There Any Drawbacks to Playing Free Bingo?

The Ultimate Guide to FREE Bingo!

Probably the biggest downside to free bingo is the fact that the prizes are on the smaller side. It is highly unlikely that you’ll find a £10,000 jackpot in a game of free bingo. Although no deposit bingo is becoming more and more popular, it is still less prevalent than paid bingo, so there will probably be a smaller variety of games to choose from. With free bingo, you also need to be more aware of the game rules and regulations. It is easy to be complacent because you are not depositing any money, but many free bingo games out there come with a catch, for example, you may not be allowed to withdraw any winnings made from free cash bonuses. Free play may also be limited to a set time period or number of cards. We can’t stress enough the importance of reading your game rules!

  • Most free bingo games do not offer massive jackpots.
  • Free bingo has a smaller variety of game than paying bingo.
  • Free bingo games often come with restrictions and stricter withdrawal policies.