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888ladies - Exciting selection of Bingo Games

Play online bingo and make every day a lady’s day! We have an exciting selection of bingo games at 888ladies that offer multiple progressive jackpots as well as guaranteed jackpots: 90-Ball, 75-Ball, 52-5-Ball (Flash Fives Bingo), and 5-Line (Swedish Bingo) bingo.

Our Bingo Games

Rewarding Wins

90 Ball Bingo

This steaming UK classic is served up next to a running chat bar full of hilarious fun! Online Bingo is a social scene, dear.

Win stunning prizes with your Daily Special

75 Ball Bingo

Special bingo patterns equal special bingo jackpots in this "bingometric" version of the game. It's the science of fun.

Daily Cashback

5 Line Bingo

Also known as Swedish Bingo, this is a fast-paced game. Each row covered gives a win (1st line can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal) and players can win up to FIVE prizes with every game!

Mystery Jackpot

Flash Fives

A new and exciting Bingo game, taking the Bingo world by storm!. With quick wins and fast gameplay, you’ll not be short of a few laughs! Get your 5 cards, cover them all and win the jackpot!

BIG Daily Jackpots

Progressive Jackpots

We've got a bags full of progressive jackpot bingo games for you to enjoy - 90 ball, 75 ball and 5 Line. Want to hear more about these hot games?

BIG Daily Jackpots

Bingo Roulette

A brand new 52-5 bingo game that brings the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas into your living room! Red or Black? Odd or Even? Give the wheel a spin for a chance to win!

Many of 888ladies bingo games are bingo chat games, so you can converse with your friends whilst you play our best bingo games and make new friends along the way. Looking for the best bingo sites? Then Look no further than 888ladies.

What Are the Different Types of Bingo Rooms?

Enjoy a variety of bingo rooms in a range of online bingo games. Our rooms are available on week and through all hours of the day. Regular guaranteed jackpots in our best bingo games range from £1 -£1,500+ as well as progressive jackpots offering even more. If you love surprises, be sure to try our mystery jackpot room where the prize is only revealed 10-seconds before play!

What Bonuses and Promotions Are Offered on 888Ladies?

Be on the lookout for exciting promotions with chances to win Bingo Bonuses and Bingo Tickets to our best bingo games. Use these prizes in selected online bingo games to build on your wins. Win real money by completing a single line, multiple lines, and/or a full house when you play bingo online.

How Do You play online bingo games?

Online bingo games are played by purchasing a bingo ticket which is comprised of several bingo cards. Each card offers players the chance to compete in a bingo game. Successfully meeting the room’s requirements of matching a set of numbers results in the player winning a prize. Match the number printed on your card with the number being called by the host to win. If you’re among the first to complete a row, multiple rows, or a full house, you win our best bingo games!

What Are Bingo Calls?

In online bingo, bingo calls are the numbers which are announced at every interval. If any player(s) complete a winning hand, the game either comes to a halt or to an end depending on the type of game. In 888ladies bingo games, if more than one player wins at the same time, the prize is shared among the winners in our. In order to win a jackpot, players must complete their card either at or before the maximum number of calls, or else they do not win the jackpot. When you play bingo online, this is shown before the start of each applicable game.

What Are the Different Types of Bingo Games?

We offer five types of online bingo games: 90-Ball, 75-Ball, 52-5-Ball (Flash Fives Bingo), 5-Line (Swedish Bingo), and Bingo Roulette. 90-Ball and 75-Ball bingo offer three chances to win prizes, 52-5-Ball bingo and Bingo Roulette offer one chance to win prizes, while 5-Line bingo offers five chances to win prizes. A variety of rooms are available to enjoy our best bingo games.

How Many Numbers Are in Bingo Games?

We offer five types of bingo games.

90-Ball: A ticket is comprised of a 27 square grid with 9 rows and 3 columns. Each row is made up of 5 numbered boxes and 4 blank boxes. Thus, 15 numbers appear on every ticket. A strip is a group of 6 tickets whereby every number from 1 to 90 appear in a full strip. Achieving 1 horizontal line (1-Line), 2 horizontal lines (2-Lines), or all 3 horizontal lines (Full House) results in a winning pattern.

75-Ball: Similar to 90-ball bingo, however, a pre-selected pattern needs to be completed in order to win. A ticket is divided into 5 columns and 5 rows with the very centre being “free space”. The card has the letters “B. I. N. G. O.” arranged at the top of each column, with each column comprising of numbers ranging from 1-75. Each column ascends in value in groups of 15. Winning patterns include horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines, the four corners of the card and the entire card.

52-5-Ball (Flash Fives): This game shares features of 90 ball and 75 ball bingo, however, rather than using bingo balls it uses a 52-card playing deck. There is only one winning pattern in this game, a Full House. This happens when all 5 cards have been called out.

5-Line (Swedish Bingo): This game offers players more chances to win than any other bingo games as it offers 5 prizes. Similar to 75-ball bingo, a ticket is made up of 25 squares comprised of 5 rows and 5 columns divided into ascending groups of 15 laid across the letters “B. I. N. G. O.”. However, unlike 75-ball bingo, the centre square contains a random number. Prizes consist of any 1-Line, 2-Lines, 3-Lines, 4-Lines, and 5-Lines (Full House).

Bingo Roulette: We’ve taken the 52-5-ball (Flash Fives) bingo game and given it a casino twist in the form of a roulette wheel. Instead of a of deck cards, a ticket is made up of 5 random numbers from the roulette table. Be the first to fill up all 5 numbers to win a Full House.

There’s a room for every type of the best bingo games waiting for you at 888ladies.

What Types of Jackpot Bingo Games Are Offered?

Various types of jackpots are scattered across our online bingo games consisting of fixed jackpots, progressive jackpots, and mystery jackpots.

Fixed jackpots are pre-determined and known to players prior to purchasing their tickets.

Progressive jackpots depend on the contribution rate, which is determined by the number of tickets purchased, sometimes on top of an original seed amount. If a progressive jackpot is not won, it gets carried to the next game. If it is a “progressive jackpot must-go” game, then the number of calls keep increasing until a winner is found.

Enjoy a wide selection of our best bingo games offering both fixed and progressive jackpots when you play bingo online.

How Do You Choose the Best Online Bingo Games?

There are a several factors to consider when deciding which are the right bingo games for you.

Progressive Jackpot vs Fixed Jackpot vs Mystery Jackpot: In a progressive jackpot room, the jackpot can only be won if a full house is reached within a pre-determined number of calls. If a progressive jackpot is not won, the amount is added to the pool for the following game. Furthermore, the more players that participate, the more the jackpot increases. In a fixed jackpot room, the amount is fixed and awarded to players who achieve a full house with no cap on the number of calls needed to achieve this. A winner is always found in a fixed jackpot room. A mystery jackpot is a fixed jackpot room where the jackpot prize is revealed right before a game begins. Players cannot buy tickets to a mystery jackpot room after the jackpot prize is made known.

1TG & 2TG: In some cases, rooms will grant winnings when the players is 1-TG (1-To-Go) or 2TG (2-To-Go). 1TG means players who have only 1 number left on their card when a bingo game has been called. 2TG means players with only 2 numbers left to complete their card when the bingo has been won. As such, these rooms offer two alternative ways players can win a prize. These players thus win a share of the prize pool on offer.

Some rooms may have other restrictions such as how long the player has been a member with us. These rooms are unlocked once the player meets entry requirement(s).

Additionally, 888ladies best bingo games vary in frequency from several times a day, to once daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonally.