How 80 Ball Bingo Works

80-ball bingo is rather different from 90-ball and 75-ball games, but if you like both of these, then you will soon be a fan of this colorful 80-ball bingo variation. When you first view the 80-ball game, you will notice that it’s different from all the other types of bingo games around. It’s very colorful and there is an added fun factor to it, because you have four chances of winning!

80 Ball Bingo Game

80 Ball Bingo Game

By Jingle its 80 Ball Bingo

This is a classic bingo game and it is well known in the bingo clubs, where players will participate during interval periods. The 80-ball game is also known as ‘Shutter Bingo’ as when played in a bingo hall, a player has a number on their ticket/board, they then cover the number with a little shutter board. This does not however occur in the online version but is fun to know anyway. Although popular, 80 Ball Bingo is not as commonly played as 90-ball or 75-ball bingo games.

From The Bingo Halls to Online

An online bingo site would benefit from having this variation of the game available, because players often like the option of playing different types of bingo. Playing 80 ball games, will really make players feel like they are playing the good old classic, bingo hall version of the game. There are several reasons why online players might like to play 80-ball bingo, but the truth is, if members like fast and exciting games, they will more than likely love 80-ball bingo. Players that are used to this version in the bingo halls would definitely love to see it online also!

The 80-Ball Bingo Grid

The grid is a 4×4 square and contains sixteen numbers. There are four columns, and the numbers are divided between them. Each column has a different color as follows; Red, Yellow, Blue and White.

  • The first column is a red color, and contains numbers from 1 to 20.
  • The second column is a yellow color, and contains numbers from 21 to 40.
  • The third column is a blue color, and contains numbers from 41 to 60.
  • The fourth and last column is a white color, and contains numbers from 61 to 80.

How 80 Ball Bingo Works

The Procedure Of The Game

All tickets that you buy, will have an ID number at the bottom of each ticket/board. This number is there, so that it is recognized by the electronic computer when a player wins at online bingo. Once you have bought your tickets and the game has begun; the caller will announce the color before the actual number.

For example: White 72, Blue 48, etc. If you’re playing in a bingo hall, then you will have to mark your numbers by closing the shutter boards. If however, you’re playing the online version, then the shutter boards will automatically close all of the windows that are on your 80-ball bingo board. The shutters will only close when you have a winning number, that the caller has announced.

80 Ball Bingo Spring Clean

Some versions of the game payout cash to the first completed line. This is based on the numbers that have been announced. There are some other prized lines available, such like; 2 Lines and 3 lines, but the highest cash amount paid out would go to the full house winner. A full house winner is someone who gets all 4 lines, which is all sixteen numbers on their ticket/board.

How An 80-Ball Bingo Ticket/Board Looks

As you can see in the 80-ball bingo example above, the player is waiting on 2tg to win the top line/row across prize. But there are many ways this version of this bingo game can be played, but it’s mainly played as 1 line, 2 lines, 3 lines followed by the full house game. I am referring to the game as a ticket, because some bingo sites call them a ticket, but in the bingo halls the game is normally played on boards. So I will call them tickets/boards, so that online players and offline members don’t get confused.

The First Line Prize Explained

To win the first line prize, it’s exactly as it says on the tin, because all players have to do, is be the first player to get any line, this can be horizontally, diagonally or across their ticket/board, and they will win the 1 line cash prize. In the halls they offer the same but they also play for the four corner prize too. You may be wondering what are four corners? We are going to explain this further down the line, so read on to find out more juicy and interesting 80-ball facts.

80 Ball Bingo First Line

4 Corner and Square 80-Ball Bingo Winning Ticket/Board

So, let’s explain what a four corner pattern is on an 80-ball bingo ticket/board game. It just means, that the first player to complete the top and bottom red number in the first column, and the top and bottom number in the last white column. Then they will have completed the four corners and won the prize. Four middle squares will also win you a prize. These patterns are also known as 1 line.

80 Ball Bingo 4 Corner

80-Ball 2 Lines Patterns Explained

The Two Line 80-ball winning combinations are slightly different from the ‘1 Line’ ones. Because players have to complete ‘Two Lines’ in order to scoop that all important prize. But the patterns are the same, and all players have to do, is be the first to achieve any two lines, anywhere on their ticket/board and they will win the prize.

80 Ball Bingo 2 Lines

80-Ball 3 Line Patterns Explained

When it comes to the three line pattern, it’s much the same combinations yet again, but obviously its three lines that are needed to scoop the prize. So, a player must be the first person to get three lines, diagonally, horizontally or across their ticket/board in order to win the 3 line prize.

80 Ball Bingo 3 Lines

The 80- Ball Full House Game – The Final Chapter

In order to win the full house or 4 line pattern prizes. A player must be the first to complete all 16 numbers, in the ticket/board to achieve the full house win. The only difference from this winning combination, compared to the others is players will need to cover all squares on the ticket/board, to win the cash prize! This game normally pays out the highest amount of cash, than any of the other patterns in this 80-ball bingo game.

80 Ball Bingo Full House

Our Expert Thoughts

80-ball bingo certainly is a good game to play, not only is it colorful but the players have four chances of winning. It’s exciting, fun and fast, and we will ensure that anyone playing will have an enjoyable gaming experience. It may not be for everyone, but you won’t know until you’ve tried it. We like it and could have played it for hours, if only we had the time!