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All About The 5-Line Bingo Game

Have you just discovered the wondrous world of Bingo? If so, then the different variations, pattern combinations and lingo is probably all seeming a bit overwhelming, but not to worry because Mrs Bingo is here! Maybe you’re an online bingo player, and you are finding yourself in a rut? Fed up playing the same old games all the time? If this is the case, then don’t worry because we have the game that might be just for you, it’s called 5 Line Bingo! In this article I will explain the rules of this exhilarating and fairly new game. Fresh on the scene, this version of Bingo provides old and new players with variation and a new, thrilling gaming experience.

What is 5 Line Bingo?

Although 90-ball and 75-ball bingo may be more popular, sometimes bingo fans love to try different games, especially if they’re bored with the popular ones. That’s when bingo users will more than likely try out the five chance bingo game. It’s fairly new, and it offers more chances of winning than any other, and the speed of the game is electrifying!

History of 5-Line Bingo

The game itself derived from ‘Swedish Bingo’, and if you haven’t already guessed it, when playing this variation of bingo, players have 5 chances of winning. This game gives players more chances of winning than any other bingo game on the planet. This is because 90-ball bingo only gives three chances, and most 75-ball bingo games only give players one chance of winning. So, the 5 Line game is sure to be a winner, when it comes down to having the best chance of securing a win. Read on, for the full facts about this exciting and speedy game.

The 5-Line Bingo Grid

The style of this game is a 75-ball style card, it’s a 5×5 grid, and the numbers range from 1 to 75. This is a classic style grid that has been around for many years. Some players love 75-ball bingo because it’s a an old time classic game, but now the 75-ball grid, has got even better by bringing the 5 Line bingo game to the bingo market. 5 line bingo is kind of like playing 90 ball bingo on a 75 ball bingo card but without the free square.

5-Line Bingo Chart

5 Chances To Win

There are 5 chances of winning when playing this game, and these are as follows:

  • Any 1 Line
  • 2 Lines
  • 3 Lines
  • 4 Lines
  • 5 Lines (Also known as a full house)

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to play a game that offers so many chances of hitting the prize? With so many chances of winning, players are sure to win at least once. If bingo users don’t win the first line, they always have another four chances to scoop the prizes.

The Jackpots

Some sites only offer 1 to 4 line winners, but some will increase the pot every time the games play. The word ‘Jackpot Winner’ will draw everyone’s attention, especially, if the win happens when you were actually playing the game, when it was won. Winning a jackpot is every bingo player’s fantasy, so now with the 1-5 line game; it’s more achievable for more avid bingo fans to win. More chances to win, means it’s more than likely to make the bingo players dream come true, of actually winning a jackpot game!

How The Games Work

You can win the Line games, by matching a line in any direction (diagonal, vertical, horizontal) for the 1st win event or a horizontal line in any of the following win events. The games are fast and have easy to follow patterns. This game is ideal for beginners, as well as the ones who love speed bingo. The pace is fast and the prizes are scooped up at the speed of lightening, but the chances of winning so high that there is a constant buzz in the air.

5-Line Bingo Water The Plants

Login Or Register

Log in to your bingo account but if you haven’t registered at a bingo site yet, who offer 5 line bingo then click on the register or join now button. You will soon be enjoying the games in no time.

Press Play

Once you have registered or logged into your account, it’s time to hit the ‘Play Now’ button. Then it’s time to enjoy the fun and excitement of the games.

Your Game Is Loading

A screen will appear, and this will load the game. This is informing you how long it will take to load your games.

The loading bar on your screen will go to 100%, and then the bingo rooms should be showing on your next screen. It’s time to select the room that offers five line bingo

Selecting 5 Line Bingo Room

We have chosen an example on how to choose the room that offers 5 lined bingo (opposite). Just click on the room, in this example, the room is called Lucky 5.

Once you have completed this step, you will be taken straight to a screen, where you can buy tickets etc. for the game.

Being eligible to play in these types of rooms sometimes means you have to be a funded player. As you will notice in the image shown opposite. But this is just an example, so some sites may allow their players to enjoy the game, if they haven’t funded.

Buying Your Lucky Bingo Tickets

Before you buy any tickets, check out the price. This can be viewed at the top of this section, just above AUTO SELECT STRIPS.

It’s time to buy your lucky tickets. As shown in our example, it’s fairly easy to select and buy tickets. You have a few options on which way to buy them. The first one is auto buy, this means you can click on the amounts such as. 8, 16, 24 or 32.

Another option is to click on the strip, or you can just click on each ticket individually.

After you have selected your tickets, it’s time to purchase them. Just click on Buy Selected Cards, and that’s it! Your cards have been selected and paid for, now it’s time to relax and enjoy the game.

Minimum and Maximum Tickets

You can buy up from 1 to 96 tickets per game.

Advance Purchase – Auto Buy

You can choose the Advanced Purchase option, which allows you to buy your cards in advance and you don’t have to be there to watch them, because they will play automatically for you. If you select Auto buy, then depending on how many games you want to buy into, the games will play just as you selected. But remember by using this feature, you must stay in the room, while your auto buys are playing; otherwise they will not play if you leave.

How To Change Your Tickets

If you want to change your selected tickets, just click on the Get New Cards button (Shown opposite), and they will change in an instant, to new ones.

The Game Countdown

Now that you have purchased your tickets, and you’re ready to get started playing the bingo game, there will be a countdown showing on how long it will be until the bingo game begins.

Once the game is ready to begin you will see a 3, 2, 1 countdown, similar to the one shown below. This is to let you know that the game is about to begin.

The Lines Required To Win Bingo

There are five chances of winning in this type of 5-line game, the patterns required are: any horizontal lines across your cards. Basically, if you get any of the lines shown below, anywhere on your ticket, you WIN! but it is only the 1line pattern that allows a win on a diagonal or vertical line. The first player to achieve the desired pattern required will win the stated prize amount.

5-Line Bingo Patterns

The Winning Patterns

We tried out some of the games, and in order to win the first one, we needed to get a line, anywhere on our ticket. Just when we thought we were going to win, the game was won. It’s a very fast paced game, but it was really enjoyable.

We got down to 1tg for the 1line, 2lines, 3lines, and the 4 line game, but we only got down to 3tg for the full house game. We have illustrated opposite, the patterns required to win.

It’s Worth A Try

Regular bingo players who have played this type of bingo game before, will know how it all works. But if you are a new player, and haven’t tried it yet, it’s certainly worth giving it a go. The game is fairly new, but many more online or free bingo sites have this version of the game available, than before. The game has proved to be very popular in the UK. and we think this may be because of the five chances of winning, the excitement of waiting on 1tg, and the electrifying speed of the game.

5-Line Bingo Differences

The Conclusion

Many bingo sites offer 5 line jackpot games, where the prize money can be rather big. But if you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out. So, go and check the game out, and decide if it’s for you or not. We tried it and we loved playing it. Although we didn’t win, the feeling while actually playing the game was amazing, especially when we were waiting on that all important 1tg (one to go for those of you that are not yet clued up about bingo lingo). We were amazed at how fast the line games were won, but we enjoyed the speed of the game, and the excitement of having five chance of winning the bingo patterns.

The game was easy to understand, the prizes were displayed and easy to read. The chat room players were very friendly and chatted loads too. Even the ‘Chat Host’ played some chat games, which allowed players to win even more bonus funds. There was one player who won seven times, but that’s just how bingo goes. You win some and you lose some! Over all it was very enjoyable and a great game to play.