Superstitions to Level Up Your Luck

Superstitions to Level Up Your Luck

One thing that gamers, athletes, sports fans and almost everyone in-between all share is the thought that there are certain things which bring them luck. Some people have lucky mantas, others have rituals – some even have physical objects they pick up, carry or draw.

The thing is, your luckiest charm may or may not work for your friends. Lady Luck is fickle indeed. When it comes to slamming it at the slots, there are many things that people think bring them good luck. We’ve had a look at some of the most common, and some of the luckiest, and tried to figure out how exactly you can level up your luck here at 888 Ladies. We’ve come up with 10 lucky charms to level up your luck when playing the slots online – give them a shot, give the reels a spin, and let’s see just how lucky you can be.

Superstitions Wooden Jewellery

Wood has always been one of those lucky things. We’ve all muttered “touch wood” or knocked on wood as a sign of luck at some point or another. Nobody knows where the exact origins come from – some say paganism, others say Christianity. Either way, wearing a wooden bracelet as a lucky charm as you spin the slots on your phone may bring you lucky boost you’re looking for!

Superstitions Lucky Penny

“See a penny, pick it up – all day long you’ll have good luck!” Some of you may remember this lucky little line from your childhood, but did you know that this does a step further? Facedown coins are believed to bring bad luck whereas coins with holes in them (like a Japanese 5 yen coin) are doubly lucky. Want the luckiest penny of all time? Get yourself a two-headed coin. “Heads I win, tails you lose…”

Superstitions Neko

Maneki Neko, the Beckoning Cat, is a common lucky charm that is seen all over Japan. They can be found on windowsills, in shop entrances, as keyrings and even as phone charms. Do your friends play slots on their phone? Spread the luckiness around with a Maneki Neko GIF! Pro tip: golden nekos are believed to bring you good fortune!

Superstitions Chan

Jin Chan, Chan Chu or the Money Toad – this lucky little frog has many names. You may have seen these in Chinese culture – put your Jin Chan in the lucky corner of the room with a Chinese coin in its mouth (bonus points if you get one with a hole in it) for good luck!

It’s not just china who think the toad is lucky. Native Americans, the Ancient Romans, the Ancient Egyptians and the Indigenous Australians all believe the frog to bring good luck and prosperity. Want to cash in on the luckiness? Why not use the Money Toad as a lucky phone charm and see if you can’t bring the luck to your game?

Superstitions FigureHeart

Historically there have been many uses for a ship’s figurehead. Not only did they identify a ship, much like a nautical licence plate, they also intimidated enemies and were viewed as a lucky charm for the sailors on board. This was as true in the time of the Pharaohs as it is today. Do you have a love of the waves? A figurehead for your phone could be just the lucky charm you need to drive your luck that little bit further! Plug it into your headphone jack and it will look just like a real figurehead, too!

Superstitions Lucky Clothers

Do you have better results when you stick to a certain outfit? Michael Jordan certainly believed he did – he wore his lucky college basketball shorts underneath his team strip during every NBA game he ever played. Do you have a lucky suit you wear for interviews? Wear that the next time you load up the slots on your phone and see if you can’t feel the luckiness pouring in.

Superstitions Lucky Number

Lucky number 7! There are seven days of the week, seven colours of the rainbow and for many, many people around the world, seven is their favourite number. In parts of Asia 8 is considered lucky, whereas 4 is the exact opposite. Do you have a lucky number? Why not get yourself a phone case with the number subtly incorporated? Seven rhinestones, seven colours or seven pictures of your lucky animal? We like the idea of a case with seven lucky ducks…

Superstitions Lucky Horse Shoe

An oldie but a goodie – the horseshoe has been a lucky charm for a long, long time. This is because they’re made of iron, which was believed to ward off evil spirits, and fixed in place with seven nails. We all know that 7 is a lucky number, so with a lucky horseshoe you have twice the luckiness in one charm! Because of its weight though, a lucky wallpaper might be better option than trying to carry one in your pocket…

Superstitions Lucky Food

Some people have lucky food they eat before games, competitions and anything else that luck could sway. The baseball player Wade Anthony Boggs famously ate chicken before each and every single game he played for good luck. His superstition even ran so deep that he drew the Hebrew word “Chai” (meaning “life”) in the batter’s box before each at-bat – even though he isn’t Jewish… If it works for his game, why not try it before your next one?

Superstitions Lucky Duck

It’s not just cats and frogs which are lucky – “lucky duck” is one of those phrases which has entered our lexicon thanks to our cockney friends over in London. Here at 888 Ladies we find that the duck is one of the luckiest animal of all time – and that’s not just because if someone says “duck” it’s generally pretty lucky if you do… Want to bring the luckiness to your game? Download ????? today and get cracking on the slots!