Games that have Bingo in the Title

Games that Have Bingo in the Title

We all know bingo as a numbers game. 75 ball bingo games are played on a 5 x 5 card with the centre square blanked out. Players are required to complete horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines to bingo. Other winning combinations include 4 corners, shapes, symbols, or letters. This popular game is a hot favourite in the US and Canada.

In 90 ball bingo, it’s all about completing 1 line, 2 lines, or a Full House. Each 90 ball bingo card features 9 squares per line, with just 5 numbers and 4 blank spaces per line. One line wins a small prize. Two lines win a bigger prize, and 3 lines (Full House) win the grand prize. That’s 15 numbers from 90 possible bingo balls. This game is the pride and joy of the UK.

But not every game that has bingo in the title has anything to do with bingo as we know it. Let’s take a look at some of the exciting ‘Bingo’ games available to players.

Road Trip Bingo 

Fancy a road trip? Whether you’re a backseat passenger or riding shotgun on a cross-country journey, Road Trip Bingo is lots of fun. At first glance, it bears no similarity to traditional bingo. There are no numbers to speak of, save for road signs and speed limits. But upon closer examination, you will notice that it features a 5 x 5 grid with the centre square gifted to players!

Players can easily modify the rules of road trip bingo. You can implement any of the following ‘Bingo’ winning options:

  • Match all 4 corners
  • Match any 5 speed limit signs
  • Complete a Horizontal, Vertical, or Diagonal line

Players can print out duplicates of the same bingo card and use all visible road signs (they have to be called out when they are seen) to complete winning patterns. Don’t forget to daub the images on the bingo card. Or use a magnet board with a set of magnets as bingo markers.

P.S. This game won’t work on a safari. Wildlife Bingo is more apropos in this case!

Barack Obama Bingo

Politics can be entertaining, especially when a universally loved politician is the namesake of the bingo game. Barack Obama Bingo could just as easily be any other president, but he currently has the highest approval rating of the last three US presidents. This bingo-style game features a 5 x 5 grid with the centre square gifted to players. Players can print out bingo tickets online, and automatically compete with other online players for a bingo win.

In this variant of the game, 24 facts related to President Barack Obama are presented on each bingo card. These include details about his educational qualifications, his achievements, his literary projects, his cabinet, his family, and his philosophy, et al. Typically, games should shy away from politics, but if you’re in like-minded company, this particular game might well be the winning ticket. To bingo, you can complete vertical lines, horizontal lines, diagonal lines, or patterns.

Boom Boom Bingo! 

Ready to bring down the house? Virtually of course. This variant of the game has more in common with bingo than the previous two variants. Boom Boom Bingo is not quite what you expect. There is a DJ mixing things up on stage while players are virtually competing at home. To spice things up, this virtual bingo game offers players some wacky prizes and plenty of opportunities to win. The action brings the 1980s and 1990s to life, with plenty of memorable tunes. Immerse yourself in the action while you are having a blast. Here are a few quick and easy rules to get started with Boom Boom Bingo.

  • Generate your virtual bingo cards at home before the 90-minute games begin.
  • Use Twitch, Zoom, or any other live broadcasting server to stream the action to your screen.
  • The bingo games are broadcast exclusively to US colleges at a set date and time. Colleges receive the winning prizes.
  • You have 3 opportunities to win a prize, including 1 line, 2 lines, and a Full House. This means you are playing 90 Ball bingo.
  • The DJ will play songs that are related to the numbers, instantlybringing this classic bingo game to life.

Music Bingo 

Music Bingo games are exciting variants of classic bingo games. With Music Bingo, song titles replace bingo numbers. The 5 x 5 bingo cards feature song titles in the squares on each card, except for the centre square. That’s a gift to all players. With Music Bingo cards, there are 75 songs in the playlist, chosen at random by RNGs or a shuffle function. Players can easily set up a session of Music Bingo using Spotify, and add 75 songs to the playlist. Bingo cards can be randomly created using playlists in a hat, for each card that is created.

This trivia-style game is plenty popular for home games, club games, bar games, and special events. DJs typically host Music Bingo games, with lots of different prizes up for grabs. It is possible to play this game online through dedicated apps at the Google Play Store, or the App Store. If you prefer the in-person experience, that’s just as much fun. The equipment required to play music bingo games includes a smartphone, Internet connectivity, or a laptop for virtual music bingo sessions.

If a DJ is hosting a Music Bingo Session, expect a laptop, speakers, music bingo playlist, and lots of prizes. If you are hosting a Music Bingo Session at home, all you need is an iPad, smartphone, laptop, and friends. Prizes can be anything you want them to be, provided everybody agrees. Games like Jukebox Bingo, Bingo Music, Rock ‘n’ Roll Bingo, and Bingo Pop are readily available.

There you have it, folks! While the rules of play for bingo forms the bedrock of these games there aren’t any numbers to match. Players are still required to form 1 line, 2 lines, or 3 lines for 90 ball bingo games, or horizontal, vertical, diagonal lines in 75 ball bingo games. Got some kids and want to get them interested in bingo? How about suggesting Math Bingo – it’s one of the most exciting and interactive bingo games for the young folks.