Periodic Table of Bingo Glossary

There’s no denying that the world of online bingo can be a disorienting one for newcomers. Overflowing with esoteric terms and crazy phrases, the online gaming world can be a puzzling one at the best of times, and getting to grips with what everything means can sometimes feel like a hugely daunting task. That said, it’d be criminal for anyone to miss out on the big, wide wonderful world of online gaming just because they couldn’t understand a few words. That’s why we’ve created The Periodic Table Of Bingo – a complete glossary of all the terms related to bingo online. This illustrated and interactive table allows you to click and zoom in on any of the abbreviated words and phrases that you might see littered across bingo sites and chatrooms and get a full and frank description about what they truly mean. Having this handy little device open in a tab alongside your online gaming window will also allow you to understand what the bingo homepages are talking about, and keep up to speed with what the experienced bingo players are gabbing on about in chatrooms.

Still a little overwhelmed? Not to worry, we’ve made things even simpler by splitting the mind-boggling range of terms into five main categories – all of which are colour coded and listed down the right-hand side of the table.

Here’re the terms you can expect to find under each respective category:

Light Pink – Terms and Phrases Related to “Game Types”, “In House”, and “Game Patterns”

GT, Game Type– Games come in all shapes and sizes. All the terms under this category are different types of games you can play when you enter the world of online bingo.

IH, In House– The house is the bingo hall, and “in house” is anything that happens within its walls – concrete or virtual.

GP, Game Pattern– Whenever a player looks down at their marked bingo card, a specific kind of pattern can emerge. These can represent all kinds of shapes and objects, ranging from “ladders” to “layer cakes”.

White – Terms and Phrases Related to “Chatroom Lingo”

CL, Chatroom Lingo– Every puzzling term that might pop up on the online chatroom isn’t always a spelling error. Nope, nine times out of ten it’s a word that’s exclusive to the world of online bingo. Or chatroom bingo lingo, if you will. All the terms under this category are words you’ll stumble across in the bingo chatrooms.

Light Grey – Terms and Phrases Related to “Gift Promotion”

GIP, Gift Promotion– Occasionally bingo sites will turn generous all of a sudden, and launch a promotion that entitles players to a “gift”. These may come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on which platform you’re using, but are often things like an extra bit of money in the bank or a bonus on top of your next deposit.

Dark Grey – Terms and Phrases Related to “Bonuses”

BO, Bonus– The word that all bingo players love. Bonuses can be found in a multitude of forms, and entitle players to extra amounts on top of their ordinary winnings. Every type of bonus you can imagine is listed under this heading.

Dark Pink – Terms and Phrase Related to “Terms & Conditions” and “General”

TC, Terms & Conditions– T&C or TC is a common abbreviation used for Terms & Conditions – the rules and regulations by which all players must understand, respect and follow every time they play online.

GE, General– Any terms that are generally related to the world of bingo can be found under this label.


4cb, 4 Corners Bingo – A game of bingo where the winner is the player who marks off all four corners of their card before anyone else.

5lb, 5 Line Bingo A game of bingo that involves the use of five separate lines. Each card contains 25 numbers and a player wins the game by successfully covering each of the lines horizontally.

Ig, Instant Games – Games that can be played quickly that you don’t need to prepare.

Ke, Keno – A particular type of game.

M30, Mini 30 Ball Bingo A condensed, more compact and faster version of the classic 30-ball bingo game.

Mb, Mobile Bingo – Bingo that’s optimised exclusively for mobile gameplay

Ne, Newbie Bingo – Bingo for players who are new to the game.

Pa, Pattern Bingo – A game of bingo where players win by marking off numbers that create a particular pattern across their game card.

Pe, Penny Bingo – A game of bingo where players can place a stake for as little as 1p.

Sc, Scratchcards – Tickets where players can scratch off a number to win prizes.

Sid, Side Games – Slide games usually refer to online games where the user moves their cursor around from point to point – sliding a particular object in an attempt to win.

Slo, Slot Games – Online slot games that involve spinning reels.

Ta, Table Bingo – A way to describe a game of bingo that’s played around or using tables.

Tb, Texas Blackout – A form of bingo where the first number called is odd or even. If even, all the even numbers on the cards during the game become Wilds. If odd, all the odd numbers on the cards become Wilds. The aim of the game is to cover the board, resulting in a blackout.

75b, 75 Ball Bingo A game of bingo where 75 balls are used. Every card is built with five rows and five columns, all with 25 unique numbers on it. These numbers range in value between 1 and 75.

80b, 80 Ball Bingo A game of bingo where 80 balls are used. Every card is built with four rows and four columns, all with 16 unique numbers on it. These numbers range in value between 1 and 80.

90b, 90 Ball Bingo A game of bingo where 90 balls are used. Every card is built with three rows and nine columns, all with 15 unique numbers on it. These numbers range in value between 1 and 90.

Cas, Casino Games – The wide variety of games available in the casino section of a site. These include the likes of blackjack, roulette, craps etc.

De, Death Bingo – A modified version of bingo where a player has to attempt to get as many numbers on their card without getting a bingo. Any player who does get a bingo is eliminated.

Ds, Dollar Sign – The $ sign used to represent the American currency.

Fs, Fair And Square – An expression used to humbly express your acceptance that a user has won fairly and legally.

Jb, Joker Bingo – Deck of cards style game, where you play with 52 cards plus the two joker ones too.

Sb, Slingo Bingo – This is a bingo game as well as a slot game too.

Ca, Casino Games – The wide variety of games available in the casino section of a site. These include the likes of blackjack, roulette, craps etc.

Cc, Callers Choice – A Callers Choice game is a form of bingo where a certain player can dictate what sort of pattern will occur during the session.

Lnu, Link Up Bingo – A game of bingo where you link up with other players in an attempt to take home a cash prize.

Dnd, Deal Or No Deal – The game where players select a box to begin with and then subsequently open several other boxes during the game. Every few rounds a player will be given an offer by the “banker” and the player can either decide to accept the deal or reject it. The aim is to beat the banker.

Prb, Prize Bingo – You guessed it. Prize Bingo is an online game of bingo that involves all kinds of different prizes that can be accrued by winning games.

Ki, Kite – An online game where a user needs to keep their cursor inside a virtual kite at all times in order to win.

Prb, Prize Bingo – Bingo games that reward players with exciting prizes.

Qu, Quickie – Now, now stop giggling. “Quickie” in the bingo world refers to a fast game where a player jumps in, plays a single game (maybe two) and then logs off.

Rob, Roll On Bingo – A game of bingo that continues to pay out even after the standard prizes have already been won.

Spe, Speed Bingo – Bingo played at rapid speeds for users who like their gameplay fast with no nonsense.


Bb, Basket – The storage space for tokens/prizes/cash etc.

Fh, Full House – Filling out an entire bingo card.

Jj, Jumbo Jackpots – Jackpots that include huge cash prizes.

Li, Lines – The lines on a bingo playing card.

Ln, Lucky Numbers – The numbers that give you good luck.

Mo, Money Ball – A ball that entitles the player to twice the ordinary winning amount if drawn.

Pj, Progressive Jackpots – Jackpots accumulated over a certain amount of time between more than one game.

Sj, Sliding Jackpots – Jackpots that are susceptible to changes in value.

Tli, Two Lines – Reference to two particular lines on a bingo playing card.

Bt, Buy Tickets – Purchasing tickets to play with on the site.

Cr, Chat Room – The place to converse with all your bingo pals by way of instant messaging.

Gop, Game Options – Fiddle with your gaming preferences by selecting Gaming Options.

Gag, Give A Gift – If you’re feeling generous, the Give A Gift option allows you donate something to another bingo player.

Mb, Minimum Bet – The minimum amount of money you can wager on a particular bet.

Nbr, Numbers – The numerical values on screen.

Prb, Pre-Buy – Purchasing tokens/tickets in advance before gameplay begins.

Pes, Percent Sign – The % symbol used to represent an amount of something.

Stil, Select Tickets – The process of choosing the tickets you’ll need in order to play in a specific game.

Pos, Percent Sign – The % symbol used to represent an amount of something.

Bo, Bonus Policy – The rules and regulations for a particular type of bonus.

L7, Lucky Seven – Seven is a digit that is considered to be particularly lucky in certain cultures.

Jp, Jackpot – The top prize in a game.

Ms, Main Stage Bingo – The main event of a session of bingo.

Mb, Maximum Bet – The maximum amount of money you can wager for a particular bet.

Mbi, Min Buy-in – The minimum amount of money required in order to partake in a game.


Co, Coverall – A form of bingo pattern that means a player will have to

cover every single number on their bingo playing card in order to win the game.

Di, Diamond – This is a 75 ball bingo pattern.

Lad, Ladder – This is a 75 ball bingo pattern.

Pos, Postage Stamp – A pattern that has 4 numbers (2×2) in a small square placed in the corner like a stamp on an envelope.

Lle, Love Letter – A pattern on a bingo card in the shape of a love letter. Cute, huh?

Lyc, Layer Cake – A pattern on a bingo card in the shape of a layer cake.

Ptps, Picnic TablePlus Sign – Two types of patterns that can be found on a game card.

Pyr, Pyramid – Pattern on a bingo card in the shape of a pyramid.

Tb, Top and Bottom – This is a 75 ball bingo pattern.

Tre, Tree – A pattern on a bingo card in the shape of a tree.

Tur, Turtle – A pattern on a bingo card in the shape of turtle.

Th, Top Hat – A pattern on a bingo card in the shape of a top hat.

Rat, Railroad Tracks – A pattern on a bingo card in the shape of railroad tracks.

Tep, Telephone Pole – A pattern on a bingo card in the shape of a telephone pole.

Tri, Triple Bingo – A particular pattern on a bingo card that represents a horizontal win, a vertical win and a diagonal win.


1tg, 1 To Go – One number away from a win.

2tg, 2 To Go – Two numbers away from a win.

3tg, 3 To Go – Three numbers away from a win.

Afk, Away From Keyboard – The three letters users type to let others know that they aren’t currently at their computers. Don’t worry, they’ll be back.

Bbl, Be Back Later – A way to let users know you’ll be away from your computer screen for a short while.

Bbs, Be Back Soon – Another way to say you’ll be back in jiffy.

Blnt, Better Luck Next Time – A way to wish fellow players good luck for the next game.

Bf, Boyfriend – A way to refer to your male partner.

Brb, Be Right Back – A way to let users to know you’ll be returning to the game in a short while.

Cu, Catch Up – A way to tease users and invite them to catch you up.

Cya, See Ya – A way to bid users farewell.

Eod, End Of Day – May be used to describe the end of the game for a particular player.

Ha, Ha-Ha – Someone’s found something funny, apparently.

Gf, Girlfriend – A way to refer to your female partner.

Gla, Good Luck All – You can wish everyone good luck during a game of online bingo by typing these three little letters.

Gle, Good Luck Everyone – Another way to wish everyone good luck. How nice of you.

Gg, Good Game – These two little letters show what a humble and genial player you are.

Gm, Good Morning – For the morning players.

Gn, Good Night – For the night-time players.

Hb, Happy Birthday – There’s no better birthday than a bingo birthday. Hb!

Jk, Just Kidding – Sarcasm doesn’t always come across well on online chatrooms. Typing jk is a way to inform other players you aren’t being serious.

Lol, Laughing Out Loud – You can type this when you’ve found something so amusing you’ve actually begun to laugh out loud. Although it’s often used to represent even the slightest smirk.

Ly, Love Ya – Maybe you’ve found someone you really like online. If so, throw them an“Ly” to show your love. Aww.

Omg, Oh My God – An exclamation that conveys shock.

Pm, Private Message – If you want to send a user a message that nobody else but you and they can see, many sites allow you to issue a pm.

Ppl, People – The users on the forum.

Rofl, Rolling On The Floor Laughing – An expression used to convey enormous laughter.

Sac, Sorry All Close – This is often typed by the chat host when no more bets can be taken or the game is full up.

Sry, Sorry – A way to apologise.

Swak, Sealed With A Kiss – A nice little way to wish your fellow bingo players well.

Sys, See You Soon – A way to warmly say goodbye to a user.

Tc, Take Care – A nice way to wish players goodbye.

Ttfn, – Ta Ta For Now – About the most British piece of forum language you’re ever likely to encounter.

Ttyl, Talk To You Later – A way to tell users you’ll speak to them again soon.

Ty, Thank You – A way to show appreciation.

Wb, Welcome Back – A way to wish users a warm welcome back to the chat room.

Wtg, Way To Go – The typing alternative to patting a player on the back.

Btw, By The Way – A figure of speech used to reference another point.

Ch, Chat Host – The person in charge of the chat room. The chat host is the user who opens a particular chat session, and also the one who closes it.

Cm, Chat Master – The person in charge of the messageboard. This term may also be used jokingly to refer to someone who’s particularly chatty.

Kit, Keep In Touch – If you’ve taken a shine to a particular user, typing Kit will convince them to keep in touch with you.

Lmao, Laughing My Ass Off – Not literally. This is just a way to convey how funny something is.

L8r, Later – Later. Pretty self-explanatory this one.

Ltns, Long Time No See – A way to warmly welcome an old online bingo buddy who you haven’t talked to in a while.

Lofting – Talking In A Private Chat (The Loft).

Cha, Chatters – Users conversing with one another online in a gaming forum.

Co, Community – The group of bingo players on the site.

Cfc, Chat Font Colour – The colour of writing you use when you type a message.

Lc, Letter C – A symbol that represents a user is extremely happy.

Jtg, Jumping On The Gun – Jtg is typed when a user acts a little too early.


Cd, Cash Draw – The draw that gives players an opportunity to take home some terrific cash prizes.

Ce, Charity Event Prize – This is a prize where players would have made deposits, and their names would be entered into a prize draw to win a prize(s). Sometimes a percentage of the deposits are giving to charity, that’s why it’s called “Charity Event Prize”.

Dp, Depositing Prize – Some bingo sites offer prizes to first time depositors. Such likes; Tickets to the cinema, Amazon vouchers etc.

Gh, Game Holiday Prize – Sometimes prizes aren’t always a bit of money. Certain sites may launch special game holiday prizes from time to time, which will offer players the opportunity to win themselves a trip to an exotic location.

Mp, Mobile Bingo Prize – Prizes that are exclusive to games played on mobile devices.

Ra, Raffle Prize – Prizes that can be won after entering a raffle.

Sg, Special Game Prize – A different kind of prize that can be won after partaking in a particular game.

Shl, Shop Loyalty Prize – On certain bingo sites, regular players can earn loyalty points – which can then in turn be used to claim special prizes.

Sw, Spin The Wheel Prize – Sometimes sites will offer new players the opportunity to win a prize by playing a game of “Spin The Wheel”.

Pap, Pick A Prize – Sometimes you can choose what sort of prize you’d like to pick up.

Fbc, Facebook Competition – A competition you can enter through social media site Facebook.

Lp, Loyalty Points – Points accumulated by regular users that can be exchanged for cash or prizes.


Bb, Bingo Bonus – A particular type of bonus on a bingo game.

Bc, Bingo Codes – Codes used to claim bingo bonuses/prizes/tickets.

Ca, Caller – A user/person who calls the numbers during a game of bingo.

Cg, Chat Games – Games you can play during a chat session with other online users.

Cgb, Chat Game Bonus – Some chat games will entitle players to a bonus. These vary from site to site.

Da, Daubers – The markers used to scrub out numbers on your card when they’re called during a game of bingo.

Bb, Bingo Bonus – A particular type of bonus on a bingo game.

Bc, Bonus Codes – Codes used to claim bonuses.

Cg, Chat Room Bonus – Some chat rooms will have bonuses available. These differ from site to site, and the chat host will always convey the information in a detailed way.

Gb, Games Bonus – A bonus available for an online game.

Pp, Pick A Prize – Sometimes you can choose what sort of prize you’d like to pick up.

Raf, Refer A Friend – The refer a friend scheme entitles you to some form of reward after you inform one of your buddies about a site and they sign up and make a deposit.

Spe, Specials – Special bonuses/awards/prizes.

Sub, Sign Up Bonus – A bonus users are entitled to when they sign up to a particular site.

Gb, Games Bonus – A bonus available for an online game.

Lp, Loyalty Points – Points accumulated by regular users that can be exchanged for cash or prizes.

Fb, Free Bingo What it says on the tin. Bingo completely free of charge!

Fs, Free Spins – A certain set of spins for no additional charge.

Fsc, Free Space – Blank space on a game card.

Fsp, Free Spins – A certain set of spins for no additional charge.

Gti, An Electronic Dauber – An electronic version of the pen used to mark off numbers during a game of bingo.


Bk, Banking Policy – The rules and regulations for banking during play.

Cd, Complaints And Disputes – Issues you may want to bring to the attention of the site admins.

Dp, Deposit Policy – The rules and regulations surrounding deposits.

Ipr, Intellectual Property Rights – Documentation that protects information and copyrights.

Lr, Legal Requirements – The legal rules and regulations for players.

Gl, Gaming License – The document that gives sites permission to run a gambling society.

Hr, House Rules – The laws of the “house” that every player must abide by.

Ll, Limitation Of Liability – An agreement between the site and user about what each of them are responsible for.

Pp, Privacy Policy – What sort of information the site will share and hide.

Pom, Protection Of Minors – The rules and regulations about ensuring users under the age of 18 don’t sign up and gamble online, as this is illegal activity.

Rc, Restricted Countries – Countries that cannot access this particular gaming site.

Rg, Responsible Gaming – Online gameplay that adheres to the rules and regulations and remains fun at all times.

Sp, Software Provider – The company that provides the software used to run the online gaming site.

Vp, Verification Policy – The rules and regulations for verified, legal online gaming.

Ld, Language Discrepancies – Inconsistent use of a particular language.


Cp, Consolation Prize – An award for a player who came second best.

Eb, Early Bird Prize – An award for a player who’s joined a game particularly early.

Fre, Freebies – Free tokens/prizes/bonuses.

Ge, Gaming Experience – The Ge refers to what sort of feelings and emotions you’ve felt during your time playing on a particular site.

Go, Game On – A way to reference how pumped you are for a particular game.

Gs, Getting Started – The process of starting up on a site for the first time.

Hsy, House – The bingo hall.

Jo, Join – Signing up to the site.

Lh, Live Help – A way to chat to a site administrator.

Lng, Lingo – The terms used in online bingo land.

Lo, Lobby – The location where users can converse with one another.

Lsr, Losers – Users who didn’t win anything on a particular game.

Map, Manual Play – Everything that the user themselves does is considered to be manual play.

Nb, Newbies – Players who are new to the game.

Pme, Payment Methods – Ways to deposit money into your gaming account.

Pl, Play – The act of online gameplay.

Pr, Prizes – Rewards for winning a particular game.

Rde, Redepositing – The process of making another deposit.

Reg, Register – The process of signing up to a site.

Rel, Reload Players – This is a term that is used when a regular player deposits, it’s normally called ‘A Reload Bonus’. Some regular bingo sites call it Reload Players.

Rpl, Regular Players – Players who tend to sign on and gamble on a frequent basis.

Roomie – Another Member In Chat Room.

Sh, Shutter Board – A bingo card printed on heavy cardboard.

Smi, Smiley’s – The selection of funny faces users can add during gameplay.

Tp, Ticket Prizes – Prizes that users can win that arrive in the form of tickets.

Tix, Tickets – Tokens for online gaming.

Vip, Vip’s – Exclusive members and high rollers.

Vc, VIP Club – A place for exclusive members and high rollers.

Wd, Withdrawal – Removing money from one place in your account and transferring it to your bank account.

Wi, Winners – The victors in a particular game.

Bo, Bonanza – A form of coverall bingo game. 45-48 numbers are called before the game begins. If there’s no winner after 48 numbers, numbers will continued to be called (49, 50, 51, 52 etc) until a winner finally emerges.

El, Eligibility – Who is allowed to play on this particular gaming site.

Wm, Withdrawal Methods – Ways to withdraw money from your online playing account.

Ab, Advance Buy – Purchasing tickets in advance before a game of bingo begins.

Aff, Affiliates – Friends and associates who side with you during a game of bingo.

Atb, Auto Buy – This is a function available on certain sites which users can select to buy tickets automatically.

Cag, Cash Games – Online games that involve cash prizes.

Cao, Cash Out – Removing your tokens/tickets and converting them to cash to spend.

Bma, Bingo Mobile App – Online bingo optimised for mobile phones.

Bogof, Bogof Bingo – Buy one game of bingo, get another free!

Bse, Bingo Session – The period of bingo playing.

Bu, Buy – The process of purchasing tokens/tickets.

Ba, Banking – The area of a particular gaming site that contains all the functions a user needs to withdraw money, deposit money and transfer money into their account.

Bbl, Bingo Blog – A section on a bingo site dedicated to articles about the game of bingo.

Bbo, Bingo Board – The board used during a game of bingo.

Bca, Bingo Calls – Calls made during a game of bingo.

Tm, Termination – The ending of a particular game.

Bgi, Bingo Gifts – Gifts that players can give or receive during a typical game.

Mt, Maximum Tickets – The maximum amount of tickets a user can purchase/withdraw/wager.

Mw, Multiple Winners – When there is more than one winner in a particular game. Happy days, eh?

Pes, Percent Sign – The % symbol used to represent an amount of something.