Bingo is definitely not your grandma’s game, unless she can bust a mad groove on the dancefloor! What is disco bingo? It’s only the hottest craze to sweep the UK, and it’s coming to a virtual disco room near you. Disco bingo brings the best of disco and bingo to partygoers in grand style. It’s high-flying entertainment, with lots of song and dance, and fun for all. Disco bingo is wild entertainment in person, on PC, Mac or mobile, albeit in a different format.

So, how does disco bingo work? Well, there’s lots of moving and grooving involved, as you would expect from a disco-style entertainment sensation. Players a.k.a. partiers buy bingo cards. But these aren’t ordinary bingo cards with 5 x 5 grids of numbers from 1-75, with the centre square blanked out. No, these are disco-themed bingo cards with Disco Bingo Lingo. Say what? Okay, let’s back it up a second…

Disco Bingo Lingo is anything and everything that you would associate with having a good time on the dance floor.

These can be one-word terms that are printed onto disco bingo cards. For example, you might see the following options on your disco bingo cards:

  • Fun
  • Play
  • Wild
  • Love
  • Party
  • Disco
  • Dazzle
  • Glitter
  • Jiving
  • Groovy
  • Singing
  • Jamming
  • Celebration

Of course, this is just one possibility. It’s plenty common nowadays to have Disco Bingo squares including
influential disco singers, bands, and songs. In any event, disco bingo games are centred around hedonism – that’s good, clean fun folks. Sounds amazing right! But how do you play disco bingo games? Lace up your dancing shoes, puff out your collar, slick back your hair, it’s time to get your groove on. Next, we’re going to show you how to play disco bingo games.

How to Play Disco Bingo Games?

Luckily, there are lots of different formats for playing disco bingo games. One of the most popular options, especially given social distancing rules, is disco bingo online. Simply sign up with an online bingo room, an online casino, or a special disco bingo event online.

Next, buy your disco bingo tickets. These are affordable. Disco bingo tickets won’t cost you more than a couple of quid for the whole gaming session. Your virtual cards are different to what you would expect from a traditional 75 ball, 80 ball, or 90 ball bingo game.

Instead of numbers, you’ll see words, phrases, titles, artists, and so forth. This is what makes disco bingo so exciting. Numbers are fun, but with disco bingo it’s all about vibes. Take a look at an example of a disco bingo grid below:

The question is: How to play disco bingo games? In this variant of bingo, you’re not listening for bingo numbers to be called out; you’re waiting for disco songs, exaltations, ululations, celebrations, and energy-infused disco bingo lingo. It’s a party all right – that’s for sure.

Feel free to sing along as you play disco bingo games online. Your Disco Bingo cards will appear on screen and will be automatically daubed for you at online bingo rooms. Remember, the more cards you buy (within your £ budget), the better your chances of winning a prize. The fact that these bingo
are played online is pretty groovy. You’re safe and socially-distanced, but you can become a
disco bingo star or starlet and bask under glow of the sparkling disco ball!

In case you’re wondering where to play other forms of Disco Bingo games, try Zoom! That’s right guys and gals; just register for your Zoom session and join fellow Disco Bingo Heads for the ultimate in-person, on-camera, live feed. It’s really easy to sign up and get connected. Naturally, Zoom allows for multi-player
functionality, and it’s really so much fun. Once you buy your tickets, it’s game on. Just wait for it;
the party is about to get started!

Exciting Props for Disco Bingo Games

In Disco Bingo, standard numbers are replaced by disco-themed words, phrases, songs, and artists. But, if
you’re attending a safe, socially-distanced in-person Disco Bingo evening, you’re in for an absolute
treat. There are plenty of Disco Bingo props all over the place. We’re talking balloons, confetti, glitter,
strobe lights, hats, hairpieces, wigs, oversized glasses, wild disco bingo cards, makeup, blow up characters, and so much more. A quick Google Search for Disco Bingo games reveals a host of options for these ritzy soirees.

What is a Disco Bingo Machine?

Planning on hosting a Disco Bingo event? Then you’re going to want a Disco Bingo Machine. These nifty gadgets come in all shapes and sizes. They’re fashioned from RNGs with lights, speakers, and filled with fanfare.
These electronic bingo machines with a definite disco theme are excellent for hosting your own in-person Disco Bingo games, or Disco Bingo sessions on Zoom. They’re ideal for 75 Ball, 80 Ball, and 90 Ball Bingo, and with Disco beats, you’ll be jiving like a star.

With Disco Bingo Machines, you can easily run bingo sessions with eye-popping LEDs, adjustable volume control, and autorun functionality. The game creators fashioned entertaining options for players, and they’re readily available for purchase at specialty stores across the UK, on eBay, Amazon, or other e-Commerce retailers. Much like other electronic bingo machines, these Disco Bingo Machines work brilliantly with any number of players. Simply set up a Zoom Bingo Session, and make your play with Disco Bingo!

Get into Your Groove with Disco Bingo Games

Disco Bingo is really high energy, particularly if you’re attending an in-person event with friends,
colleagues, or family. There are DJs, MCs, and plenty of toe-tappin’, movin’ & groovin’, and
sing along sessions for everyone in attendance. Don’t forget to daub your bingo cards, when the DJs or MCs call out the Disco Bingo songs and phrases.

That’s the real deal appeal of bingo; it’s able to transcend generations and situations. It’s one
of the few gambling games that truly has mass audience appeal. It simply won’t be pigeon-holed as your
grandma’s bingo… it’s for everyone.

Some bingo sites are now showcasing Live Disco Bingo Dancers to keep you well entertained. Even with no practice, you’ll be shaking your bottom like a Go-Go Dancer, enjoying the vibes of Disco Bingo games. And yes, ladies and gents, there are some terrific prizes up for grabs with Disco Bingo games. How
about gift cards, vouchers, gift packages, cash, and the like?

Key Takeaways from Disco Bingo

  • Disco Bingo is the latest craze with bingo heads. It’s a toe-tappin’, fun-lovin’ bingo game
    that is played online, or in-person. Instead of traditional bingo numbers, Disco Bingo is played with
    Disco-themed words, phrases, songs, artists, or props.
  • Disco Bingo is unconventional. It’s not your grandma’s bingo game. It features disco-themed props
    and mice-en-scene. It’s a throwback 70s-style bingo phenomenon that uses bingo cards and MCs or DJs.
    Players purchase Disco Bingo cards for a couple of quid.
  • Players win Disco Bingo games by completing 1 line, 2 lines, coveralls, or any number of patterns decided by the
  • Disco Bingo is trending across the United Kingdom, where it is played at charity events, parties, bingo halls,
    and online with Zoom. Real prizes are up for grabs with Disco Bingo, including gift cards, gift baskets, and
    vacation packages too.
  • Disco Bingo Machines are sophisticated RNGs with LED lights, and adjustable speakers. These little dynamos are
    great for hosting a Disco Bingo Event with friends, family, and colleagues.