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Written by Sam Enrico Williams
Sam Enrico Williams is a professional creative writer and well-published
author of introductory guides, publications, and tutorials covering
Bingo and other topics.

Chapter10-What is Next for The Future of Bingo


The Future of Bingo

What is the Future of Bingo?

Every game of event has its due date but for bingo, you can expect this socially engaging game to be around for a long time. We have seen and read about the adoption from bingo halls to online and now mobile and possible something new in the coming years.
So, when that question comes to mind, we would like to think that we have the answer. Technology is innovative and drives the creation of ways to utilize gadgets and tools to expand further the reach of things we indulge in like bingo; day after day and month after month and could well possibly form a new platform for us to play bingo. Let’s wait and see!

Surviving the Evolution

Can Bingo survive the mobile era?

In times where innovation is always progressing, there are more risks than any time in recent memory to get included with the games without leaving the solace of your home. Beginning as games on our PC screens, organizations have taken the activity to capitalize on the innovation accessible and have think of approaches to appreciate the diversion on the cellular telephone that you presumably bear with you consistently. This implies regardless of where you are, the length of you have entry to a Web Association you will have the capacity to play bingo. This is incredible news for the individuals who cherish the diversion, however, may not have room schedule-wise to go to a physical bingo lobby to play. The social side of the games is likewise accessible when playing online or portable bingo with visit rooms including bingo players and even different talk room diversions to win more

Digital Bingo Growth

Can we expect more people to play Bingo as a result?

Almost 3 million individuals played bingo on Parlay-fueled sites in 2005.
The number is a vast 53% expansion more than 2004.

Parlay Bunch

As Parlay programming makes up a surprising 40% of all online bingo destinations, it can be derived that there are conceivably 7.5 Million online bingo players.
Confirmation recommends that there is an in number relationship in the middle of disconnected from the net and online players; with a considerable lot of our players taking part in both types of the games.
It is assessed that over £24 billion is spent on area based bingo lobbies in the United Expresses each and every year. In this manner, it’s not hard to see the enormous potential in the online rendition of the diversion.

Mobile Bingo (Statistics)

Playing bingo on cell phones has seen fast development amid 2011-13. Rank Gathering, the organization behind some of the most well known destinations, have seen solid growth in versatile incomes with portable representing 6% of their intuitive divisional earnings in 2011. Versatile bingo items have been referred to as especially hard to create because of the trouble of coordinating social and talk capacities that are seen as vital to the gaming knowledge

Online Bingo (Statistics)

In 2008, statistical surveying demonstrated that only 50,000 individuals played online bingo in the UK. Today that figure stands at more than 3,000,000. That is an astonishing measure of development for any form of game and one that can’t be taken delicately. With such a substantial increment in potential players there has been a sharp ascent in the measure of operators out there too, forever offering players something extraordinary to tempt to try out.

Bingo in The Future

The Players (A look at the expected demographic)

Online bingo has turned into an overall sensation as of late for all ages. Current bingo players are as liable to be working experts as they are retired people, with 59% of our players matured somewhere around 18 and 45. These discovering match with exploration done by the statistical surveying organization Mintel, which expresses that the aggregate number of UK online bingo players beneath the age of 45 has developed by 66% in the most recent decade alone. In any case, one piece of the generalization that still perseveres is that the greater part of players is still female. Just 23% of players on Costa Bingo were male, with 15% of them being between the ages of 18 and 45. This is a glaring difference to the 77% female players on the site, where 44% of players are underneath the age of 45.


Accessible Bingo Formats

Nowadays, bingo can be played virtually in any format, thanks to the innovative technologies emerging every day. Some formats that have quickly become adopted are once such we once could only play by visiting a bingo hall with fellow players. These bingo formats can now be accessed on our own devices for undisturbed gameplay time.


Preferred Devices

The PC, hand-held gadgets, and other gear are expected to lead electronically connected bingo games are given by or rented from an authorized merchant contracted through the connected bingo supplier, for example, Portable or Table. Gadgets and Platforms Android, Desktop, iPad, iPhone, Nokia, Windows Telephone

Chapter Conclusion


The number of people playing Bingo has risen over the years. In the UK alone, 3 million people have played Bingo this year. Every year, the number of people playing Bingo online increases and with the advances in technology, it keeps getting better and easier to play. Playing Bingo is fun and with the increasing technological advancements, bingo is expected to revolutionize with time as this means it can be played anywhere. Rising technology improves the rate of operations in these sites. Those who con people or give false information to attract players are easily detected and appropriate action taken against them. Bingo games expand the knowledge of players in many ways during the session. This is because one gets many brainstorms. Technology has led to the invention of Smartphones, PCs, iPhones and iPads that have taken the game to another level. As long as an individual is connected to a Bingo supplier, the game can be played at the comfort of home, office or even while traveling. Bingo can also be accessed in any format that makes it easy for people to play it anywhere without difficulties.


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