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Top 10 Emotions Whilst Playing Bingo

Women across the UK love a good game of bingo. Despite being a relatively simple game, bingo takes you on a whole roller coaster of emotions from start to finish. Believe it or not, these emotions actually differ all across the country. We asked women across the UK how they feel while playing, and this is what they told us…

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Bingo is massive here in the UK. As many as 72 per cent of women in the United Kingdom consider themselves bingo players – given that there are more than 32 million women living here in the UK, that’s a huge number of bingo players! Unfortunately, this means that there are still around 9 million women in the country who are yet to feel the thrill of becoming a bingo player in earnest. Fortunately this means that on average, 7 in 10 of your closest female friends are probably bingo players too, which may not be surprising given just how social our game is! If you’re wondering just how popular bingo is in your little corner of the UK, check out our colour coded bingo map above. Soon enough you may be reconnecting with old friends over a shared love of the win.

Interestingly, the majority of bingo players in the UK live on an average income of £10,000 – £19,000, showing that bingo doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby. It’s actually surprisingly easy to play bingo on a budget if you know how, so if you need any tips make sure to check back over our blog!

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In order to look at the full range of emotions felt when playing bingo, we asked our bingo players around the UK how they feel when they’re winning and when they’re losing. We then ranked their results to give you the top 5 of each. Of course, the intensity of the win often conjures up a mixed bag of emotions, which is why we let people pick more than one answer, which is why the total percentages add up to more than 100 per cent. We’re complex beings like that. As you can see, the strongest emotion by far was excitement, followed by pleasure and happiness.

Interestingly, as many as 4 in 10 women feel a sense of achievement in winning a game of bingo, whereas just 3 in 10 feel surprised by the win. To be fair, we can’t think of a better surprise here at 888 than winning a round of bingo with your friends. Even though happiness wasn’t the number one emotion that was felt by players, it’s certainly the most widespread emotion across the UK. So there you have it, ladies. Science has proven that bingo makes people happy.

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Sadly, not everyone can be a winner in every game. Of course, if everyone won all the time, bingo would quickly become very boring – it’s the thrill of the elusive win which keeps us interested, after all. We asked our players how losing made them feel, and unsurprisingly, a good 50 per cent of people who responded said it made them feel disappointed. Interestingly, a third of players aren’t all that bothered about the loss and as many as 6 per cent of women feel bored while losing. Some people, including this 6 per cent, clearly just play for the thrill of the win and not much else!

While there’s nothing quite like shouting BINGO at the end of a game, not everyone is all that bothered by losing. If you’re playing in Scotland or the North East for examle, the chances are that you’re not all that fussed about the loss. These ladies have the right idea – remember not everyone can win every game. It’s when you play for the fun of the game, not the thrill of the win, that you really get the most for your money.

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Some people believe in luck, some people believe that they make their own luck. We wanted to know whether or not there were numbers which were lucky for some, so we asked people up and down the country simply whether or not they had a lucky number.

Interestingly, 39 per cent of the women we asked said that they didn’t have a lucky number either way, meaning that they could play any card and be equally happy with their chances of winning. This means that a whopping 61 percent of women have a lucky number they look out for in a game of bingo, and that number alone is powerful enough to inspire a range of emotions in the women who play.

The strongest emotion that these lucky ladies feel when their number comes up is excitement at an impressive 28 per cent, which is followed closely by pleasure and happiness. Whether or not a number is actually lucky is subjective and obviously open to interpretation, but these women are certainly getting an extra kick over the nonbelievers in every game.

Amusingly, 19 per cent of women feel a sense of surprise when their number comes up – a surprise which is probably only second to the realization that you’ve just won.

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As we all know, bingo is one of the most sociable casino games out there. We all love a good game with our friends every now and again, whether it’s bingo or anything else. We asked people how it feels to watch your friends win a round of bingo games even if it meant that they lost as a result, and the results were pretty positive. 58 per cent of women said that they were still happy and 25 per cent were excited for their friends who had just come into a little extra cash. Playing with friends like these is always a great laugh – just be wary of the 11 per cent who said that they’re disappointed by their friends winning – 3 per cent of women are even jealous of their friends who apparently stole their win!

Fortunately, a lot of people are just in it for the fun, and they don’t care whether they’re winning, their friends are winning or if they’re all just losing. A loss shared is a loss halved, after all. If you’re looking to make new friends as you play bingo, some areas of the country are happier for their friends than other, with players in Wales, the South West and East Anglia feeling pretty good for their friends when they win. If you’re in these areas and want to try your hand at bingo, why not see if you can make some friends at the local bingo hall to get yourself started?

So what have we learned about the bingo players up and down the UK? The majority of women play bingo, no matter where they live or how much they make. Most people are excited when winning a game of bingo, happy when their friends are winning, and a third of all bingo players aren’t really all that bothered by losing. Some numbers are lucky for some (though this may or may not include the number 13), and most people who do have a lucky number feel pretty excited when theirs comes up. So there you have it – science has proven that if you’re looking for an exciting game which you can play with your friends without spending a lot of money no matter where you are in the country, bingo is the way to go!