Online Bingo Games Popularity Explained

Online Bingo Games Popularity Explained

Long before bingo migrated to the online gaming scene, it was already a well-established game among devotees. Elegant in its simplicity, the game of bingo requires players to match numbers on their bingo cards with called bingo numbers. More than a game of luck, traditional bingo tests your mental acuity, responsiveness, and attention to detail. It has the auspicious honor of the game of choice for the elderly, and there is scientific research backing bingo as an effective way to stem the rapid progression of Alzheimer’s and other forms of cognitive decline. As unbelievable as it appears, bingo truly confers many benefits beyond the obvious.

With surging levels of popularity at land-based bingo halls across the United Kingdom, continental Europe, and the Americas, it comes as no surprise that online bingo is an instant hit. Bingo aficionados routinely allude to the competitive element of bingo that keeps players on their toes. It’s that self-same healthy competition that allows for plenty of social interaction among players. Unbeknownst to some, online bingo is quite the social affair. It may appear that a virtual gathering of players may preclude social interaction, but that’s certainly not the case with bingo. Bingo chat rooms are filled with fanfare, bonuses, promotional offers, themed events, and plenty of prizes.

Today, we’re going to give you the full Monty on the immersive game of online bingo. We’ll introduce you to hot bingo tips, the best bingo features, and top-tier bingo variants. At its core, online bingo is a game of chance. Numbers are randomly drawn by a computer (RNG), and displayed instantly on your screen. When numbers on your bingo cards match the called numbers, you can form combinations and win the attendant prizes. It’s a rush to the finish, just like land-based bingo. You have to bingo before your opponents to collect your winnings. At land-based venues, you’ve got to yell out the word Bingo! But, at online bingo rooms it’s automatically done for you.

Features of Online Bingo Games

The online bingo scene is thriving. Players are flocking to online bingo halls to enjoy Swedish Bingo, 75 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo, 90 ball bingo, progressive jackpot bingo, and many other variants of this centuries-old, lottery-style game. Online bingo is readily available to players across age, gender, social and economic strata. It truly spans the full spectrum of players, unlike land-based bingo which tends to enjoy a concentration of interest among the older folks, including retirees, pensioners grandmas and grandpas. Let’s take a look at the classic features of online bingo games:

  • Online bingo rooms in the UK are regulated by the Great Britain Gambling Commission (GBGC), the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC), or the Government of Curaçao. Fully licensed gaming is the order of the day for the world’s premier online bingo rooms and their players.
  • It is entirely possible to enjoy cost-effective online bingo games at your leisure. There are plenty of options available such as Penny Bingo Games, BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) bingo games, even free bingo games when you register as a new player at online bingo rooms.
  • Online bingo bonuses are popular with players, since you get to make a small deposit and play with a bundle of £s. Different types of online bingo bonuses are available such as deposit £10 and play with £50, or enjoy a 200% bingo bonus up to £100 et cetera. All bingo bonuses are subject to specific wagering requirements. These can be found under the terms and conditions of each bonus offer.
  • Online Bingo rooms feature much more than just bingo games. Players can enjoy top online casino games as well, such as slot machine games, instant win games, blackjack, roulette, free bingo games, and progressive jackpot games. When you register at a leading online bingo room, you get to participate in all the online gaming attractions that are available from one account.
  • All of the game play takes place in virtual bingo rooms. There are dozens of top-tier bingo rooms available for players. These include 75 ball bingo rooms, 80 ball bingo rooms, 90 ball bingo rooms, free bingo rooms, penny bingo rooms, newbies bingo, new girl rooms, and the like. You name it, there’s probably an online bingo room for it.
  • The best online bingo rooms all feature bustling bingo blogs. Blogs rank among the most impressive social media accoutrements available to players. Bingo blog topics run the full gamut. You can source information on how to play your favourite online bingo games, tips for winning bingo games, best bingo strategies, how to play free bingo games guides, popular bingo, slots, instant games, and more. There is tremendous value in online bingo blogs, and players benefit immeasurably from them.
  • Responsible gaming advocacy is an important feature of regulated bingo rooms. Players are drawn to gambling companies which take responsible gaming seriously. In this vein, it’s important to look out for certificates, attestations, badges, and general responsible gaming conduct. eCOGRA, TST (Technical Systems Testing) 18+, Be Gamble Aware, GamCare, GamStop, UKGC GBGA, MGA, and other affiliations are clear indicators of responsible gaming conduct.

Online Bingo vs Land-Based Bingo

We are all drawn to comparisons for our own reasons. One of the biggest debates in bingo circles centres around ‘Online Bingo versus Land-Based Bingo’. It’s a valid comparison, given that players participate in two different, yet strikingly similar variations of the same game. It’s the gaming platform that makes the world of difference. Granted, each option has a loyal following, but momentum is clearly on the side of online bingo enthusiasts. Let’s take a look at the most striking differences between online bingo and land-based bingo:

Online BingoLand-Based Bingo
Play bingo on PC, Mac, or mobilePlay bingo in person only
Available 24/7Available at scheduled times only
Claim bingo bonuses and promotional offersLimited promotional offers available with land-based bingo games
Compete against players from all over the world at the same timeCompete with a small group of players in your area 
You get to play plenty of other games like slots, card games, scratch card games, free bingo games, and moreLimited to bingo games only
Play bingo from the comforts of home, on the go with bingo appsThe only way you play bingo on the go is if you’re playing on a cruise ship.
Bingo calls are made by RNG using randomising software for bingo numbers.An authentic in-person bingo experience with a bingo caller.
You can eat, drink, or smoke a pipe at your leisureNo Smoking Bans across the United Kingdom in effect
While energy levels are high, there is no in-person interaction among players.Plenty of high-energy interaction between players in person.
Online bingo games are cheap, with penny bingo games. Plus, you can also play free bingo games online.Land-based bingo games are costlier to play, but they also offer generous prizes to players.

Your decision to play online bingo games or land-based bingo games is a personal one. We believe that both versions of bingo have an active fan base. Coexistence only strengthens the appeal of online bingo, since players have many available options. If you’re into online gaming, online bingo is the must-play social game.

What are the Most Popular Online Bingo Games?

Broadly speaking, there are 3 popular online bingo games including the following:

  • 75 ball bingo – 75 ball bingo games are played on a 5 x 5 bingo card with the centre square blanked out/gifted to players. This online bingo game features numbers 1-75. The RNG selects random numbers, with none repeating. Players are required to match called numbers with numbers on their bingo cards in specific patterns. These can include horizontal lines, vertical lines, diagonal lines, a full house, 4 corners, V or inverted V shapes, et cetera.
  • 90 ball bingo – 90 ball bingo games are popular here in the UK, and across Europe. These games feature 1 – 90 bingo numbers. The bingo cards are unique for this variant. They include a 9 x 3 grid, with players required to match 5 numbers on each row (the rest are blank spaces). The orientation of numbers and columns is interesting. Each column contains groups of numbers, starting with 1 – 9, 10 – 19, 20 – 29, 30 – 39, 40- 49, 50 – 59, 60 – 69, 70 to 79, 80 to 90. Players are tasked with completing one line, 2 lines, or 3 lines (a full house).
  • 80 ball bingo – 80 ball is another popular online bingo variant. It is considered a mix of 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo. Each 80 ball bingo card consists of 16 squares. These include 4 squares down and 4 squares across. This game uses colors to great effect. Each vertical column has a specific color. The first column could be red, followed by orange, blue, and white. Each column holds 20 numbers, starting with 1-20 in the first column, 21-40 in the second column, 41-16 the third column, and 61-80 in the fourth column.

Other popular bingo games available to players include 30 Ball Bingo, Free Bingo (75 ball and 90 ball), 5 Line Bingo, Bingo Roulette, Jackpot Bingo, and Flash Fives. Whatever your preferences, you will definitely find an online bingo game that meets your needs.

Which Demographic is Online Bingo Most Popular With?

According to United Kingdom Gambling Commission reports (industry statistics – May 2021), remote betting on bingo & casino amounted to £3.1 billion total gross gambling yield (GGY), from April through September 2020. Non-remote bingo, including machines, generated £92 million in total gross gambling yield (GGY) from April through September 2020.

According to (September 24, 2018 By Head of Data Products, UK, Amelia Brophy), the main demographic for online bingo (with phenomenal growth) is the 25 to 34-year-olds, at 28% of all online bingo players. In the next dominant age group (the 35-year-old to the 44-year-old range) some 26% of all online bingo players fit into this category.

How Much Money Does Online Bingo Generate in The UK Per Annum?

Specific figures related to online bingo games are a little hard to come by, but we have useful information courtesy of the UK Gambling Commission from 2018, 2019, and 2020. For example, from April through September 2020, the total GGY (gross gambling yield) amounted to £5.9 billion. As stated earlier, the total GGY for remote betting, including casino and bingo amounted to £3.1 billion, from April – September 2020. The total GGY for non-remote bingo amounted to £92 million. Clearly, the online versions of bingo are outpacing the land-based gameplay across the board.

An article titled The State of Bingo in the UK: Statistics on the Current State of the Game and Predictions for the Future* unequivocally illustrates that online bingo has enjoyed surging levels of popularity in 2020 and 2021, owing to the sheer number of people who stayed home and chose to play online bingo games. Bingo has been dubbed a £910 million per year industry (April 2019 – May 2020) for both online and land-based bingo rooms.

Online bingo in particular has been boosted by the availability of free bingo games on social media websites like Facebook. While free bingo games are certainly fun, legal-age players prefer the real-money gambling possibilities of online bingo games. Still, there is a split between the genders. Women overwhelmingly prefer playing bingo games online than men do. We are seeing hybrid bingo games coming into play, bringing elements of bingo and social activities together. These include beach bingo, beer pong bingo, bar bingo, roulette bingo games, and the like.

Summary of Online Bingo Popularity

Online bingo is far and away the most dominant version of bingo. Remote bingo, virtual bingo, or online bingo, all refer to the same activity – playing bingo on mobile, PC or Mac, using the Internet. Online bingo games can include free bingo games and play to win real money bingo games. While Facebook’s free bingo games continue to attract huge numbers of players, regulated online bingo rooms offering real money winnings are equally popular.

UK players aged between 25 – 34, and 35 – 44 formed the lion’s share of online bingo players at well over 54%. Other age groups are less significant in terms of percentages, but equally important for online bingo rooms. The broad tent that is bingo has room for online players and land-based players alike. While traditional bingo halls are declining in popularity, their importance is sacrosanct. Players enjoy the in-person interactions, neighborhood get-togethers, and feelgood vibes of bingo halls. Many different types of online bingo games are available, including Swedish bingo, 75 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo, 90 ball bingo, jackpot bingo, bingo roulette, and others yet. It’s almost as if new bingo games are being created all the time by leading software providers, and that’s okay with fans. With around £1 billion in annual revenues alone, bingo is one of the few social gambling games with plenty of upward momentum.