Multi Mega Bingo is a unique online bingo game with multiple bingo cards in play at any given time. The purpose of the game is simple: Complete winning bingo combinations and collect prizes for your efforts. One such example of Multi Mega Bingo available in demo play mode to players is designed and developed by FBM.  

Complimentary FBM casino games are readily available to online casino players, no download or registration needed. This provider is one of several offering Multi Mega Bingo-style games to players. They currently boast 33 games in their portfolio, but none of them are available at real-money casinos.

MMB (Multi Mega Bingo) games are displayed on an expansive, green felt-like deck. The layout and design of MMB is such that players will notice a large number of bingo cards positioned around the perimeter of the screen. In this particular variant of Multi Mega Bingo, there are 20 bingo cards located on screen.

You don’t have to play all 20 cards. You can deselect cards by simply clicking on them. Each of the online bingo cards in Multi Mega Bingo games features a 5 x 3 reel grid format. This is reminiscent of 90 ball bingo games. It’s important to take note of the way these bingo cards are numbered.

There are 15 randomly assigned numbers to every bingo card. However, unlike 75 ball bingo with 75 numbers, or 90 ball bingo with 90 numbers, these bingo games have 60 numbers in play at any given time. The grid contains 5 columns with 3 numbers in each column.

Numbers are assigned to cards, based on random number generators (RNGs). The lowest numbers form in the leftmost column, and the highest numbers form in the rightmost column. That’s why you will see the individual digits in the leftmost column, and the numbers closest to 60 in the rightmost column.

Specific Rules for Multi Mega Bingo Games

Play begins by clicking the white right-facing arrow on the top right corner of your screen. You can also clear the current selection of bingo cards by clicking on the 3 layered horizontal lines on the bottom-right corner of the screen. Volume can be toggled on or off at your convenience. On the top of the screen in a multi-colored banner, you will notice different combinations of payouts.

These begin from the rightmost payout combination which is 5 horizontal dots of bingo numbers on the middle, upper, or lower rows of any card. The payout with a combination is 3 ‘faux play’ currency units. As you progress from right to left, you will notice increasing payouts as you match specific groups of symbols of called bingo numbers on your cards.

Let’s take a look at some of the matching combinations that you can form on your bingo cards on Bet Level 1, and the attendant payouts you can expect.

  • 5 numbers in a horizontal line – payout of 3
  • V or inverted V – payout of 3
  • T or inverted T – payout of 10
  • + symbol – payout of 10
  • 9 number inner square – payout of 40
  • Up or down complete arrow of 9 numbers – payout of 75
  • Any 2 complete horizontal rows of 10 numbers – payout of 100
  • 2 complete horizontal rows plus the center number – payout of 200
  • 3 complete numbers in the top row + bottom row (column 2, 3, 4), and all 5 numbers in the middle row – payout of 200
  • 12 number outside perimeter square – payout of 500
  • Complete top row, complete bottom row, and center 3 positions in the middle row – payout of 750
  • Complete bingo card of 15 numbers – payout of 1500

As you play Multi Mega Bingo, you will come across many different in-game features and functions, notably Bet Levels. Like online slots games, Bet Levels increase the size of your wagers, but they also increase the size of your potential payouts.

In Multi Mega Bingo, there are 10 bet levels. At Bet Level 1, the minimum payout for 5 numbers in a horizontal line, or a V or inverted V is 3. When you ramp up the action to Bet Level 10, the payouts increase 10 X. That means the minimum payout on Bet Level 10 is 30, and the maximum payout is 15,000.

Of course, since you are only playing in demo mode, you don’t need to worry about risk of loss. It’s a good idea to practice playing Multi-Mega Full HD Bingo games in demo mode, before you play any real money bingo games, to get a good feel for the action. Once you’ve selected your coin denomination (starting at 0.10 and going all the way up to 1), you can click the right arrow button.

Multi Mega Bingo Strategies

Before you can even consider bingo strategies for Multi Mega Bingo, it’s important to understand what’s going on in the game. There are plenty of bingo cards at play, and you will notice a super-sized bingo card in the center of your screen. This card corresponds to the yellow lines pointing towards one of the bingo cards on the perimeter of your screen. If you take your mouse/pointer and highlight any other bingo card, that card will be super-sized in the center of your screen. It’s simply a visual representation of one of the cards.

By selecting/deselecting bingo cards from the 20 cards on screen, you can better manage how many cards you are playing and understand what types of patterns you can form. Now that you know what you’re dealing with, you can click the right arrow button. When you do that, 30 randomly called bingo numbers will populate the right section of the black box above your bingo cards. Just like in a regular bingo game, the numbers are determined by RNGs. They range from 1 – 60.

Now, take a look at all of your bingo cards on the screen. Any matching numbers from the 30 called numbers on your cards will be highlighted in blue. If you have formed any winning bingo combinations on your cards, they will also be highlighted by flashing orange-perimeter boxes on the top of your screen alongside the pay table. For confirmation of the winnings, look on the bottom left-hand corner of the game screen. There you will notice a box labelled ‘TOTAL WON’. As its namesake suggests, this is how much you have already won with the first complimentary 30 called bingo numbers.

Now, shift your attention to the bottom right-hand corner of the game screen. You will notice there is a box labelled ‘TOTAL POSSIBLE’. This indicates the total possible winnings that you can accumulate if you fill up your bingo cards with the called numbers. Now, the game advances to the second stage. You must click the right arrow button to call up the next 10 bingo numbers in the game. Note that no bingo numbers will repeat, so you will definitely have a total of 40/60 possible bingo numbers displayed once the game is over

The color-coded combinations are designed to make it really easy for you to understand which of your bingo cards has paid out to date. When you form winning combinations on your cards, they will be highlighted in red. All possible combinations in red will be displayed on your screen for you to see. You can toggle between any of the cards on the perimeter of your screen by clicking on them, and then they will super-size in the center of your screen with any possible winning combinations that you have already generated.

The 30 called numbers could result in big winnings if you’re lucky. Most players have to progress to the next 10 numbers for their winning bingo cards. Watch as you click the right arrow button and the total possible winnings display on the bottom right of the screen. As you move towards a complete bingo card, you will notice more spots highlighted in red. If you’re aiming for a bingo, the entire card must be filled for you to win the maximum prize.

Effective Bankroll Management with Multi Mega Bingo

Bankroll management is one of the most important components of all gambling games. Without strict limits in place for every game that you play, you run the risk of exceeding your budget. Fortunately, Multi-Mega Bingo is available for play in demo mode. You are given a demo bankroll with which to play bingo games online. You get to pick from 1 – 20 bingo cards based on how much you’re prepared to spend on any given game. Remember, you can choose the coin denomination and the bet level (1 – 10) based on your playing preferences.

Even if you’re not playing for real money, you can exceed your budget on a demo balance. If this happens, you’ll have to forfeit the game round and start all over. It’s always a good idea to start with a low bet upfront, and gradually build your way up to bigger bets as your confidence and understanding of the game improves. If you happen to play Multi Mega Bingo for real money, your bankroll management practice will stand you in good stead. The more bingo cards you play, the more it will cost. Always manage the number of cards according to your bankroll to ensure that your budget effectively.

Tips for Playing Multiple Bingo Cards Simultaneously

Bingo is really a numbers game. Every card features randomly generated numbers from 1 – 60. There are 5 numbers per row, and 3 rows for each bingo card. That means 15/60 possible numbers can come up at any time. Each card’s numbers is different. It is possible to fill up a bingo card with the first 30 called numbers, albeit rare. On the next 10 numbers, it is much more likely to bingo. As a player, you simply have to do pick the number of cards that is easiest to manage, and make your plays.

Remember, you can select/deselect bingo cards from the grid. Start with a couple and work your way up. Since this is a free bingo game, you don’t have to worry too much about your bankroll, although it’s good practice to carefully manage your bankroll. Familiarize yourself with the required bingo patterns. If you forget, look up – they are displayed in bright colors at the top of your screen. Every time one of your bingo cards forms a winning pattern, that pattern will be highlighted in red.

The more bingo patterns you form, the bigger your total winnings will be. This is easily seen on the bottom left corner of your screen. When a new number has been called, it briefly highlights in orange on every bingo card where the number appears. That instantly alerts you to the latest bingo number and any new pattern that you have formed. You can X out your current selection of bingo cards and start afresh, or simply play through to the end and have some fun.

Summary of Playing Multi Mega Bingo Games

  • Choose your coin denomination and your bet level
  • Pick the number of bingo cards you would like to play
  • Click on the right-facing white arrow button
  • Play the additional 10 balls if required to form winning patterns
  • Use the on-screen buttons for stats/payout potential, and ways to win options

Enjoy Multi Mega Bingo Online!