Tips and Tricks On How to Stretch Your Bingo Budget

“How can I create a bingo budget and make it last?” This is a question bingo players often ask us, especially when they are new to the world of online bingo games.
Budgeting for bingo can be a daunting task, but we at 888Ladies are here to help you online bingo players make the most of your budget—whether it’s£10, £20 or £30.

How to Get the Most from Your £10 Bingo Budget

You’ve checked out all the sites and decided on the bingo site that is right for you. Now it’s time to make your first deposit of £10. You will then receive a first-time bonus of 100%. If, for example, you receive a 100% bonus, you now have a £20 budget to play with. So, how do you stick to that budget and ensure it lasts for at least a few days?
Here are some ways to make maximize use of your budget:

  • Play Free Bingo Games. These allow you to collect extra cash if you win, but you will need to play as many games as you can. Your bingo website will usually include a schedule listing the room(s), times, and prizes for the free bingo games. Be sure to check out the promotions tab!

  • Select Low Value Games. that range from 0.01p to 0.10p per ticket.
    Buying cards at such a low price means you can buy a lot more cards with your budget, boosting your chances of winning prizes.

  • Chat Games. Many bingo chat rooms have Chat Hosts who talk to players by typing text in the Chat Box to welcome them and answer their questions. They also use the Chat Box to play Chat Games. What’s a chat game? I’m glad you asked that question!

Say, for example, you see a message from the chat host in the chat box like “Chat Game On!”
Then you will see details of the game—something like “’The Chat Game is I Spy. I will give you a clue to my item and where it can be found. The first correct answer wins a £1 bonus.”

Then you might see “I spy begins with T, and it can be found in a bathroom.” If you are the first person to answer “toothpaste,” and your guess is correct, then you will have won the free £1 bonus.

Keep playing these free, low-value, and chat games to build up a good bingo balance. Before you know it, your £10 budget will have built up to something much bigger.

How to Get the Most from a £20 Bingo Budget

Imagine you have completed all the above tips and tasks and know exactly what site you want to call your bingo home. You have a budget of £20 to spend, but you would like to make it last for at least five days. Is there a way to do this that is practical but still fun? You’ll be glad to know there is.

Thanks to your bigger budget, you will receive a bigger depositing bonus when funding your account. Your bonus will be 100%. A 100% bonus would you net you an extra £20, giving you a budget of £40 to play with.
Read on to find out how you can make it last and the games you can play to stretch it even further.

Play Fixed Games that cost less than £1 because most players overlook these for bigger games that pay out substantial prizes. A fixed game means that you are guaranteed the prize amount stated. An example would be something like:
“We have ten games that play between 7pm – 9pm that are guaranteed to pay out a minimum of £50.00.”

Play Free Bingo games and low value games at quieter times. With fewer people playing during office hours or at night, your chances of winning are greater.

You may also have the option to pre-purchase your cards, which means you can schedule them to play at times when you aren’t even online. They will play (and possibly win) automatically for you!

How To Get The Most From A £30 Bingo Budget

So now you know some great tips and secrets for getting the most from £10 and £20 budgets, maybe you’d like to move on to bigger numbers. If you have a budget of £30 plus your 100% bonus, you will have a grand total of £60 to play with. You may be thinking “Wow! That’s a lot of money for bingo,” but if you play bingo regularly, you could lose it all quite quickly, if you don’t learn how to make it last to give you maximum enjoyment.

Let’s say you need your budget to last for one week. It is possible to do this with a £30.00 budget. Use the tips we gave you for smaller budgets, but play more games and have a go at the bigger jackpot games too. We have compiled a list of tactics to make your funds last longer. Now, go play and win!

  • Free Bingo: Play this game in the evening because the prizes maybe bigger. You will find that the peak times for players of these games fall between 6pm and 11pm. If you play during these hours, the cash wins will be greater than they would be at quieter times.

  • Jackpot Games: Play in a room that offers a progressive jackpot, but check out how many numbers are required to win the game because these can vary. With some sites offering wins with 44 numbers of fewer and others limiting wins to 34 numbers or fewer, you are better off choosing a room that offers the jackpot with at least 40 numbers or fewer.

  • Value Games: Stretching your budget involves playing a mixture of differently priced games, so it really is worth your while to play value games. Focus on lower value games but play some of the higher value games too, to increase your chances of boosting your balance.

  • Promotional Games: These are similar to the fixed prize games we referred to earlier, but they offer higher prizes. One example could be a promotion called “Nifty Fifty,” which is likely to involve guaranteed games offering £50 per round for a limited time.

Conclusion: How to Get the Most from a £10, £20 and £30 Budget

With a budget of £10, your best bet is to stick to free bingo, low value games and chat games. If you focus on these types of games, your budget should last longer, allowing you to get a feel for the bingo site and to get to know fellow players. Play the games at quieter times, when fewer people are playing, so that your chances of winning are higher.

A budget of £30 gives you a lot more money to spend and a better chance of winning. To make your money work, we recommend you play low value games, free games, promotional games, jackpot games and games at peak times. If you win during peak times, your reward is a substantial prize that will stretch your budget even further. You will certainly get a good feel for the site, the schedule of events, and the kind of games you enjoy most.

Follow these proven tips and tricks to push your budget as far as it will go, extending your gaming experience and enjoyment to the maximum. No matter how small your budget is, the important thing is to enjoy the chat room lingo, join in with other players, and—above all—have an amazing time!