All About 75-Ball and 90-Ball

If you are new to bingo, you may be wondering what the best strategies for playing the game online are. Should this be the case, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. In this article, I share a bucket-load of tips that will assist you on your path to becoming a bingo advanced player and, most importantly, help you gain those all-important wins.

You might already be aware that there are two types of online bingo on offer: one is 90-ball and the second is 75-ball. There are other types of games that have been developed by online gaming gurus of course, like the 80-ball bingo, but the previous two have retained their status as the most popular. It is no wonder that if you have already started playing online bingo, you will want to acquire some valuable tips that will enrich your gaming experience and also enable you to increase your chances of winning.

While listing some basic bingo strategy pointers that will help you figure everything out, I also explain the rules and everything else that you need to know about the two popular games. After all, knowing how to play the games will earn you maximum benefits. The bingo rules are fairly easy to follow, so you will have every reason to know the workings of any game at any online bingo site. Playing the games and being familiar with how they work is a MUST, and am pretty sure you are going to find the tips I provide below indispensible!

It’s All About the Game – 75-Ball Bingo

75-ball bingo, which is a variant of the 90-ball game, is predominantly enjoyed in the United States and Canada, but it is also very popular in the UK. Players participate in 75-ball by purchasing tickets or numbered cards, and can increase their chances of winning by buying as many tickets as possible. So here’s one strategy to take you closer to winning: The more cards you acquire, the better your chances for the numbers being called out to be on your cards. When purchasing your cards online, you will usually have the option of either manually choosing them or letting the computer select them automatically.

Numbers are called out randomly by a caller, and the player crosses them out if they appear on their cards. The first player to complete the pre-determined pattern is declared a winner.

There is an infinite amount of winning patterns available in 75-ball bingo. The pattern is determined before the game begins and the winner must have marked off the numbers to achieve the desired pattern. Each ticket has an individual grid of 25 squares made up of 5 rows and 5 columns.The squares are populated with numbers, the first column having numbers 1 to 15, the second column numbers 16 to 30, the third containing numbers 31 to 45, the fourth from 46 to 60, and the fifth having numbers 61 to 75. All squares have a number apart from the center square which is marked as ‘free’ or with a star. Players can mark this square before the start of the game. It is a form of help for you because if the majority of the numbers that are called happen to fall on the same line that contains this free space, you will only have one box left to cross out, and therefore a better chance of winning.

Ticket prices vary for each game.You will normally be able to see the prices immediately as they are clearly marked on the front of every ticket in the ‘Buy Tickets’ section.Once the game starts, your tickets will show a unique number, known as the game ID.

How do You Win the 75-Ball jackpot?

Each and every bingo game has a minimum guaranteed jackpot that increases with the number of tickets purchased. The jackpots in the 75-ball game are normally set at around 32 numbers or more, meaning that you have to complete a certain winning pattern or a coverall game (full house) within 32 numbers or less.If you win the game by attaining the required numbers, you will scoop the jackpot.

What About Those Brilliant Cash Prizes?

You will have the chance of winning a prize with every game you play as there are a number of prizes on offer depending on the pattern:1 line, diagonal line, coverall or 4 corners.There are many different patterns available, and you could be playing on any one as they are randomly selected.You will need to cross off the numbers within the pattern to win the prize.If you’re ultra lucky,you could win more than one prize, for example for a 1 line and a coverall, where you would be entitled to the cash prize for both wins. At times, two or more players willwin if theycall bingo on the same numbers. In that case, the cash prize is shared between them.All winnings are credited to the player’s account instantly.

The king of Bingo – The Big 90

90-ball bingo is traditionally played worldwide, but is more popular in the United Kingdom and Australia.The game is similar to 75-ball bingo, where the players buy tickets and cross off numbers from their cards as they are being announced by the caller.It is usually played in three stages: one line, two lines, and full house (also known as coverall or blackout). With the first, the player must mark off the five numbers in an entire horizontal line across one card. In the two-line stage, the player must complete any two lines horizontally across one card, therefore crossing out 20 numbers. To achieve a full house, the player must cross out all 15 numbers from one card. The amount of the cash prizes varies for each of the three stages, with the largest amount being allocated for the full house. The prize is shared equally among winners if there is more than one at a certain stage.

90-Ball Bingo Tickets: The Fun Starts Here!

90-ball bingo ticketscomprise 27 squares set up inninecolumns and threerows.Each row has five squares that contain different numbers ranging from 1 to 90.The set is composed of six cards, and you need to cross off your numbers asthe caller announcesthem.Here’s another strategy for you: Buying a set of six tickets (known as a strip) will improve your chances of winning since you will have all the numbers from one to 90.Playing bingo online gives you an advantage over land-based, especially if you buy a large quantity of tickets, since bingo sites can automaticallymark off the numbers on your tickets, so you can have as many cards as you want and not have to worry about missing a number.

The 90-Ball Jackpot – Every Bingo Player’s Dream

Just like the jackpot in the 75-ball game, the jackpot for 90-ball starts off at a guaranteed minimum and increases as players purchase tickets. This separate pool of money is like a bonus for players as it can be won over and above the game prizes.You must win a full house game in a required number of bingo calls in order to scoop the prize.For example, you win the full house game in 44 numbers or less, and hey presto! The jackpot is yours.What’s great about 90-ball bingo is that you have three chances of winning the game as there is a prize for every stage of the game as mentioned above  1 line, 2 lines, and full house.

11 Strategies for You to Follow and Win Big!

  • Learn the rules:To learn about all that is on offer, whichever site you’re playing on, be sure to read all the necessary content, particularly the terms and conditions, that can normally be found under the ‘FAQs’ section.
  • Play chat games: There are many chat games availablein the bingo rooms, and these are normally played day and night.If you win at these chat games, you will have even more free bonuses to enjoy your bingo games with.
  • Look out for BOGOF games: BOGOF stands for ‘buy one get one free’, and BOGOF gamesoffer a free bingo ticket for every one that you buy. So keep your eyes peeled for these as you can easily double your ticket figure and be in with a super chance of winning.
  • Play free bingo games: Playing free games will massively increase your chances of winning big moneybecause every timeyou win, your balance is increased. You can play many different free bingo games at once to give you additional chances of winning.Remember to take noteof when thosefree games areplaying.
  • Play games at off-peak hours: Your chances of winning a bingo game are sure to be higher if you play games in which fewer people are participating.Keep a bingo diary with the dates and times of the off-peakgames and you’ll be closer to being a winner!
  • Auto buy: You can use this feature to avoid buying cards every time you play a game. You will be asked to select the number of games that you want to participate in, the number of cards per game, and the price of your cards too.But remember that if you leave the room, your auto-buy purchases will become invalid.
  • Advance buy: You can buy your cards for up to one week in advance.But you must be signed in to your account for this option to appear.You can check which games you ordered cards for in your account section, and you can even cancel them should you wish to.
  • Your bingo budget: Never spend more than you can afford. Buy cards that come at a price that falls within your budget.Cards come in a range of prices: free ones, 0.01p, 0.05p and so on. If you like to play for big stakes, then you would probably be better off playing in the high roller rooms where ticket prices are normally high, but where the prizes are usually larger than the standard cash prizes.
  • Remember to claim your bonuses: Make it a point to make use of your bonuses and to claim every single one that becomesavailable.
  • Promotions: Look out for games that offer bonuses, cash, or larger-than-normal prizes.These are normally found on the bingo website and will appear as soon as you enter the site, in emails or even inpop-up messages. It’s a good idea to find out which promotionsare the best to enable you to get better value for your money.So take care to read everything on the site, including your emails and messages.
  • Basic odds:There’s no doubt that your chances of winning are increased the more cards you buy, although you can also lose a lot if you don’t win. The secret is to select the times at which you play and buy as ma
    ny cards as you can afford.

Choose your Playing Times Wisely – Improve Your Chances of Winning!

The Picture Below Displays the best and worst times to play:

Apply tips – have the Best Gaming Experience Ever

If you make gooduseof the tips that I have provided in this article, you’ll find that your bingo game will certainly be a good one. You may even win a jackpot or two.Play free bingo games, claim yourbonuses, play low-value games,and play some high value ones too.Whatever happens, may you enjoythe best gaming experience possible!