Playing virtual bingo is a great pastime, but there are quite a few things that you need to know about following the rules. Every business has rules and guidelines that need to be obeyed. Exceeding your budget is one thing that you don’t want to do, for example. Here are some more online bingo Dos and Don’ts:


  • Play Virtual Bingo For Fun. This will allow you to get a feel for the bingo site without spending any money. You should only make a deposit when you have tried out all the games for free, and you have decided that this is the bingo home for you.

  • Follow The Rules. The rules of bingo are there for a reason, and you should follow them. There are many rules, so it is always advisable to check the terms and conditions before you spend any money at an virtual bingo site.

  • Be Polite. It is important to be polite at all times, especially when you are chatting in the chat rooms. Pay attention to what you type because words can be misunderstood sometimes and could cause offence to other members.

  • Learn The Lingo. Take time to learn the bingo lingo. You will see other players typing certain abbreviated words in the chat box, and you could be confused if you don’t learn what they all mean. Almost all online bingo sites have a page designated just for the lingo, however, so take time to read it before you play.

  • Claim The Bonuses. Remember to claim your first-time depositing bonus, reload bonuses, and any other offers that your bingo home may provide. Always check your emails, text messages and on-site inbox for special offers you may receive.

  • Join Chat Games. Participate in the chat room games to increase your chances of winning. Any winnings come with extra bonuses—and these games are free!

  • Make Withdrawals. Make regular withdrawals when you are lucky enough to win. Some players never cash out because they enjoy the bingo game too much and like to play their winnings, but it is very satisfying to send some money to your bank.

  • Try All the Games. Don’t just play bingo; have a go at all the different types of games the site has to offer. Some people get bored playing just bingo games, and varying your game to play something like slots can be a refreshing change.

  • Check Social Media. Have a look at the bingo site’s Facebook page. Usually highly engaging, bingo Facebook pages sometimes give away free bingo bonuses. Check the page daily to stay up to date with what is happening at your bingo home.

  • Take a Break. Remember to take regular breaks from your PC or mobile device. Looking at a screen for longer than an hour could damage your eyes. Leave the screen for a few minutes to stretch your legs. When you return to the bingo game, you will feel refreshed.


  • Overspend. Never spend more money than you can afford. Stick to your budget at all times. It is easy to get carried away and exceed your budget when playing virtual bingo online.

  • Give Personal Information. Never give your personal information to anyone online, especially in the bingo chat rooms. You never know who is watching, so stay safe, and keep your personal details to yourself.

  • Show Off. When you win at bingo, never boast or appear arrogant. Other players won’t appreciate your gloating. They might be happy for you when you win, but never boast about it.

  • Be Rude. If you are having a bad day at bingo, don’t take it out on the chat host or the other players. When you are typing in the bingo room chat box, be careful what you say because other players, might be having a bad day too.

  • Argue. Never get involved in an argument. If you see members arguing in the chat room, stay quiet and let the host sort the situation out. Whatever the reason for the argument, such behaviour is not acceptable.

  • Refresh the Page. After you make a deposit, never refresh the page. If you press F5 or a refresh button, the payment processor may take your money twice. Avoid using the back arrow too because this may also result in your paying the deposit twice.

  • Stay Online Too Long. Take time away from your screen. Looking at the screen for too long can damage your eyes.

  • Give Your Bank Account Details. Always refuse anyone who asks to use your banking details. Not only is it against the rules to use another person’s bank card, you could also lose all of your money if you allow somebody else to use your card.

  • Give Away Chat Bonuses. The chat host will reward you with bonuses if you win chat games, and some players may ask if they can have your chat game bonus reward. Always decline such requests. Some chat hosts will give the bonuses to a player of your choice, but be careful: The player who pleads that he has no funds may have plenty of cash in his bingo account.

  • Abuse Customer Support. Never be rude to the support staff at your chosen virtual bingo home. They are paid to do a job, and sometimes the rules mean they cannot grant your requests.

Now You Are Ready To Play Virtual Bingo

Now you know the dos and don’ts of playing virtual bingo. Whether you knew them before hand or not, it’s good to have them to hand in case you get stuck. Always bear in mind that the people who work at virtual bingo websites are employees who must follow the rules too, so play bingo for the fun of it, and enjoy the experience.