Take Your Game to New Heights

Online bingo players who have been enjoying the game for quite a while, and who would fall into the ‘intermediate’ category, will have a fairly good grasp of how everything works  – the rules of the games, when to play, and so on.
However, there may still be a few lacunae in the bingo player’s knowledge, which is understandable. we learn as we go along and whether you are a bingo newbie or a bingo advanced player there’s always some interesting knowledge to pick up here and there. If you consider yourself an intermediate online bingo player, then this article is for you. We’ll be touching on the best times to play certain games, when to join a jackpot, and how to effectively navigate an online bingo site. Knowing how to get from A to B on any website is a must if you want to get the best value for your money. Familiarity with the sites that you play on will result in being able to play many games contemporaneously, while enabling you to keep abreast of the latest promotions and special offers being proffered by the site. Here’s a good piece of advice: Be sure to check the schedule or the home page to avoid missing out on your free bonuses! Let’s get going.

Embark on an Easy Adventure With Our 5 Navigation Tips

I cannot emphasise enough the importance of being able to effectively navigate an online bingo site. You need not be disheartened  navigating through online bingo sites is a breeze as most are equipped with an appealing and user-friendly interface allowing users to navigate the website with ease. You will note that various bingo sites are similar to one another in terms of look and feel. When you access a website you will most likely land on the home page that displays the site’s logo or brand name, below which you will usually find those all-important bonuses that are hard to miss as they normally come in the form of flashing banners.
A ‘Play Bingo’ button should be visible from the onset, and you will also find a few tabs that will allow you to easily click your way through to all sections within the site. Once you’re playing in a bingo room, there will be a button that reads ‘Lobby’ or something of the sort, which when clicked will present the schedule for all bingo rooms available on the site. The ‘lobby’ button allows you the freedom to navigate away from your current games to explore other areas of the website and play other games without leaving the active games.

When Should You Play Which Games?

It is important to note that budget is not an issue here. Whether you’re a person of modest means, or a high roller with a big budget, the crux of the matter is that you choose the games that suit you best, and the best way to determine which games are best for you is to try them all. In this way, you will have better control over your budget. The table below displays the various games available, and the best times to play them and why.

The crucial moment – when do you join a jackpot?

If you have a low budget, the best to join the jackpot is when it’s at its lowest because in most cases there will be fewer players participating in the game at this time. The jackpot might not be appealing to most if it’s not high. But if you join in at this stage and buy lots of cards, then you might just win! It is a long shot, but there have been instances where players have won by observing this manoeuvre. On the other hand, if you have a good-sized budget, and you’re all in for winning big jackpots, then the best time to join would be when the jackpot is really high, or at least when you’re seeing that the amount is substantially increasing.

Find a Jackpot to Suit Your Budget

Deciding which jackpot game to play is never an easy task because of the amount of games available. However, to make things simpler for yourself, take my advice and choose to play those jackpot games that best suit your budget, that pay out high amounts of money, and that you also enjoy playing. Do keep the cost of the tickets in mind when buying, and aim to purchase as many as you can afford. If your purse allows it, buy six or more tickets (known as a strip), which is the best option as your chances of winning will be even greater