What’s the funniest place you’ve ever played bingo?

At 888ladies.com Bingo, we know exactly how fun a game or two of bingo can be, and we also know that sometimes you want to play at the most inappropriate times. That’s why we reached out to our players on Facebook, asking what the craziest, most outrageous place they’ve ever played bingo is. While we were expecting some hilarious answers, even we weren’t ready for what we got.

Funny Places For Bingo Playing

To start with, it turns out that a lot of you love a game of Bingo while you’re… otherwise engaged. Yes, it seems that a lot of people take advantage of some private time in the loo to win big.

• “In the loo – thank the lord there isn’t video chat! But sometimes it’s the only place I can get any peace!

• “This is going to sound bad but I hid upstairs when my mother in law came to visit. I thought a few games in engaged ladies would be ok, but then the kids brought her upstairs.

• “While doing number 2.

If that wasn’t funny enough, some of our ‘porcelain players’ aren’t even playing from their own toilets.

• “Taking an extra 20 minute toilet break at work just to jump into ‘glam and gorgeous’ for a few sneaky games, as well as getting paid for it.

• “In the virgin train loo, and the door accidentally opened lol.”

888ladies.com is just the fun, welcoming place you want to be when your family is driving you potty, so we weren’t surprised that so many of you have had a cheeky game around loved ones.

• “I go with my eldest son over to my youngest son’s flat and I play bingo in the car, and then I stay in the car while my eldest son goes into my youngest son’s, and then I play it on the way back as well.

• “Under bed sheets right next to hubby, but kept the sound off so not to disturb him.”

What we weren’t expecting was players using chickens as cover for some quality Bingo time…

“Under bed sheets right next to hubby, but kept the sound off so not to disturb him.”

• “My strange and funny place was in my greenhouse in the winter. I was sorting my chickens out and decided to have few games which turned out to be 2 hours lol. My excuse to hubby was I was talking to the chickens and keeping them comfy.”

There’s definitely a huge thrill when playing 888ladies.com Bingo, so we were expecting a few thrill seekers to report their adventures, but we didn’t expect anyone using our mobile app to be getting ready for a roller-coaster ride!

• “The strangest has to be in the queue for the Pepsi Max Big One in Blackpool… But to be fair it was a long queue lol, I also played while visiting my mum in hospital and at work.”

The variety of responses we received was amazing, and we were overjoyed to see the range of emotions 888ladies.com Bingo provides its players. From those who relax with a game in the bath to those who are playing every moment they’re on public transport, there’s really something for everyone in a 888ladies.com Bingo game. This last reply is our favourite because it shows just how important it is to have a friendly, fun playing space there for you when you need it most.

• “I’ve played in a lot of odd places but the strangest place has got to be when I was in labour with my third child in between contractions and getting the midwife to purchase my bingo tickets for me! Safe to say they thought I was mad but it was great, kept my mind off the pain...”

Everyone here at 888ladies.com is thrilled that our games could provide some welcome distraction. We hope that whether you play for stress relief, excitement, or just plain fun, we’ll see you soon for a gossip and a game.