How Do Casino Games Play their Part in Gender Equality?

Casino games and gender equality might not seem like they go together, but nothing could be further from the truth. Once you dig beneath the surface, there are some surprising ways in which casino games are contributing to gender equality. Not convinced? Let us explain.

Breaking Stereotypes

Before we outline how casino games are breaking stereotypes, we need to know what they are within the context of gaming. At their core, casino games, and indeed games in general, are all about competition. Whether it’s competing against the house or trying to outwit your opponents in a game of logic, games are all about testing yourself against others.

Of course, when it comes to casino games, there’s a certain amount of luck involved. However, that doesn’t diminish the element of competition and, in turn, the notions of masculinity that go along with competing. If we throw out a simple word like “football”, many would automatically conjure up images of athletic men fuelled by testosterone and aggression. These are clearly masculine stereotypes associated with the game: playing football isn’t “sexy”, neither is building muscle if you listen to stereotypes. But in reality, that’s not true. Female footballers can be tough on the pitch just as men can be stylish away from it, despite stereotypes of appearance and style being more of a womanly trait.

Fortunately, perceptions are changing. In football, more people now accept women can play and play well. In 2019, an estimated 1.19 billion watched the Women’s World Cup Final. Despite women having typically been seen as weaker than men and, thus, not suitable for sport or at least certain types of sports, women have proven themselves in various fields. Powerlifter Dr Stephanie Cohen is a prime example of this as she regularly out lifts men, deadlifting weights in excess of 200kg. Based on that alone, traditional stereotypes are being taken apart.

It’s the same in games of logic such as chess and poker. Both related to the likes of blackjack on the gaming spectrum, chess and poker have traditionally been seen as masculine endeavours. Why? Well, cunning, guile and tactics have been associated with masculinity in the same way as strength and aggression have. But it’s also true that women can and do possess those traits. This is where casino games are helping to break stereotypes and even out the gender divide. Across the betting and gaming industry there are numerous examples of women who are elite-level thinkers when it comes to strategy, cunning and logic.

Crossing the Gender Gap

Prior to the poker boom of the early noughties, the number of female players, particularly at the highest levels, was low. Early pioneers such as Barbara Enright were respected but a minority. Today, however, the game has changed. At the annual World Series of Poker (WSOP) in Las Vegas, female participation has been on the up since 2010. In 2019, the number of women in the WSOP Main Event was 4.1%, up from 3.8% the previous year. Additionally, the WSOP’s female-only event now attracts close to 1,000 entrants each year.

Beyond increased participation, many women are now ranked among the game’s best. Perhaps the best example of a woman that dispels common stereotypes if Jennifer Shahade. A chess Grandmaster who also plays poker, Shahade has blazed a trail in recent years. Following in the footsteps of other successful female poker players like Liv Boeree, Kathy Liebert and Vanessa Selbst, she’s opening up the game to more women. Indeed, through her ambassadorship with MindSports, Shahade is showing that women are just as capable in games of logic as men.

At the other end of the casino spectrum, modern games are filled with images of powerful women. Even a cursory look through the slots lobby reveals hundreds of games where femininity takes a leading role. From Cleopatra and Immortal Romance to the hosts of our top live dealer games, women stand on a level plane with their male counterparts.

A Game Everyone Can Play

As well as overt examples of women achieving success and playing central role in the casino industry, online games are also gender-neutral. In fact, the internet is, perhaps, the main reason old stereotypes are slowly being dismantled.

Unlike days of old where people had to visit a bricks and mortar venue to play blackjack, roulette, poker et al, everything is now available online. The upshot of this is that old boundaries (whether real or perceived) no longer exist. That, in turn, has led to more women trying and enjoying casino games.

Practically, some of the main reasons there isn’t a gender divide in online casino gaming are:

Anonymity: When you play online, no one in a game needs to know your name, gender or what you look like. Of course, you can choose to share those details if you wish. However, it’s not necessary. Therefore, you can play without worrying that you’re going to be treated differently based on your gender.

Flexibility: There are hundreds of games to choose from at This means you can find ones that suit you and your particular tastes or strengths. This flexibility breeds an air of relaxation which, in turn, makes everyone feel welcome, regardless of who they are.

Guidelines: Here at, we have strict guidelines with regards to behaviour. Anyone found in breach of our guidelines will be excluded or expelled from the site. In practice, this means any form of abuse won’t be tolerated.

Community: The final way in which online gaming and, specifically, our site has managed to bridge the gender gap is community. Following the age-old tradition of bingo halls being places to make friends and socialise, our virtual space is built on player relationships. Aside from the fact that the majority of members are women, our community features allow you to connect with likeminded people.

In an industry where old stereotypes can be intimidating, having a sense of community is fantastic. When you play casino games and bingo games via your desktop or mobile, you know there will also be someone to talk to. This community of friendly faces is what makes great and, more importantly, helps create a greater sense of equality among genders.

To find out just how welcoming can be for women and men, click “join now” and create your first account today!