Trivia, as in trivial, is information of little practical value. Trivia is largely unimportant, but when it comes to Trivia Bingo, it’s all the rage. Trivia refers to information that is factual, albeit irrelevant for day-to-day life. Perhaps, the following question is posed: ‘How fast does a hummingbird beat its wings in a second?’ The answer would you believe ranges between 10 – 15 times per second. This largely irrelevant info is nice to know, but unlikely to add value to your life – unless you’re playing Trivia Bingo and the question comes up!

How to Set Up A Birthday Bingo Game?

Birthday Bingo is the game to play on your birthday! Fashioned around standard 75 ball bingo games, players get to enjoy birthday bingo with 5 x 5 cards containing familiar birthday symbols. Just like other variants of online bingo, players are required to form winning patterns.

The more challenging it is to complete a winning pattern i.e. more symbols required, the bigger the prize. In birthday bingo games, players must match symbols on their birthday bingo cards with the symbols called out by the bingo caller, or RNG. Birthday bingo games can be similar to traditional 75 ball bingo games, although numbers needn’t be used. It is entirely possible to have the RNG (random number generator), or the bingo caller pick familiar symbols instead of numbers.

Think of all the birthdays you’ve enjoyed, and the accoutrements that accompany birthday celebrations. Symbols include balloons, birthday cakes, party favours, ice cream, gift-wrapped presents, birthday candles, cupcakes, and pets wearing party hats. It’s more fun when numbers aren’t used, since the thematic effects are pronounced with pictures and icons.

The Rules of Birthday Bingo

Adult versions of birthday bingo have plenty of leeway. It’s possible to have good, clean fun with birthday bingo games, or to spice things up with adult-themed entertainment on birthday bingo cards. Most birthday bingo games tend to focus on winning cash prizes for completing bingo patterns.

The rules of play are pretty straightforward. Typical birthday bingo games require players to match symbols or numbers with the corresponding symbols or numbers called by the RNG, or the bingo caller. The first player to complete the requirements and shout bingo (if applicable) wins the prize.

Younger folks – under the legal gambling age – are also welcome to play birthday bingo games, and they routinely do. However, there is no gambling for real money with birthday bingo games for children. Prizes typically include gifts such as teddy bears, cakes, ice creams, and toys. For the adults, it’s all about winning cash prizes.

This is possible only if you complete the required winning combination. The simplicity of bingo is its biggest draw card. You don’t need to know any complicated strategies, or betting insights. Simply buy a specified number (your choice) of bingo cards and wait for the games to begin.

Each individual bingo card features a set number of spaces on the grid. Since birthday bingo games use the standard 75 ball bingo format, expect a 5 x 5 grid with the centre square gifted to players. That leaves 24 spaces on the bingo card. From left to right, the letters B-I-N-G-O are emblazoned on each column. If you’re using a 75 ball bingo format for birthday bingo, then there are specific combinations of numbers assigned to each column. These include the following:

B – numbers 1-15

I – numbers 16-30

N – numbers 31-45

G – numbers 46-60

O – number 61-75

75 ball bingo fans are well familiar with this format. However, most birthday bingo games don’t use numbers exclusively. A combination of numbers and/or pictures is used. The winner of a birthday bingo game is the player who forms a line of 5 matching blocks. These lines can be vertical (top to bottom), horizontal (left to right), or diagonal (left corner to right corner).

The 5 x 5 grid format is universally popular, although you can change that up if you are looking to increase the number of symbols used in the game. When the grid format increases beyond 5 x 5, it becomes more difficult to form winning bingo lines.

Note: Every bingo card in a game of birthday bingo is different. If they were all the same, all players would bingo every time. You can either buy a set of unique bingo cards, or have them printed at home. Either way, be sure that the questions in the bingo cards correlate to give all players a fair chance at winning.

How to Play Birthday Bingo Games?

If you are hosting a birthday bingo game at home, one person should be designated as the bingo caller. That person doesn’t need to play bingo while calling. It’s important that each of the images printed on the bingo cards is easy to understand and identify. Differentiate between party hats, birthday cakes, and muffins so that there is no confusion.

Once the bingo caller announces an image, or a number, players should check the bingo cards for matches. If you have a symbol that matches, mark it or with your bingo dauber. This is a marker that is provided to players before games commence. Most players tend to pick different colour markers from friends or family members, to identify their bingo cards more easily. As stated, the winner completes a pattern. Bingo winning patterns take several forms, including:

  • 4 Corners
  • X – Patterns with both diagonals completed.
  • Outside numbers around the borders of the bingo card
  • 5 numbers in a vertical line, horizontal line, or diagonal line.
  • B-N-O numbers include all the symbols in the B-N-O columns.
  • Full House or Blackout – that’s all squares on the bingo card + free square
  • T-Patterns with 5 numbers on the top line and a complete vertical centre line.

Who Wins Gifts with Birthday Bingo?

The nice thing about birthday bingo games is that it’s not only the person celebrating the birthday who gets to win prizes. Any participant who plays birthday bingo is potentially a winning candidate. All that’s required is a matching birthday bingo combination. Prizes can include cash and kind, with home-based games. £5, or £10 prizes are great little gifts for winning players. Other prizes include party hats, slices of cake, muffins, lucky packets, balloons, and party whistles. With birthday bingo, anyone can be a winner – but you need a bingo ticket to play!

Unique Ideas for Birthday Bingo Games

Just when you thought birthday bingo was another run-of-the-mill bingo game, think again. Thanks to the creative talents of bingo aficionados, there are some exciting ways to spice up birthday bingo games. For starters, rather than using traditional bingo daubers, you can use delicious pieces of gummy candy to mark matching bingo spaces. Known as ‘tasty markers’, players can use different flavoured Skittles, Rascals, Gummy Bears, or even tasty dried fruit pieces on laminated bingo cards. There is no limit to the creative energy you can employ with birthday bingo games.

Just for giggles, you can switch out traditional symbols with action-oriented phrases such as:

  • Sing a Song
  • Share a Cookie
  • Get New Shoes
  • Decorate A Cake
  • Eat Something Sweet
  • Recall A Funny Story
  • Unwrap A Birthday Gift
  • Start A Birthday Scavenger Hunt

When the bingo caller announces any of these action-oriented phrases, the player gets a double surprise. The bingo square is marked off and an action is performed.

Summary of Birthday Bingo Games

  • Birthday bingo is played in a similar fashion to traditional 75 ball bingo games. Players are required to complete a winning line, vertically, horizontally, or diagonally to win a prize. Other options are also available such as 4 Corners, X, T, B-N-O, Outside Borders, etc.
  • With birthday bingo games at home, a person is designated as the bingo caller. That person doesn’t participate in the birthday bingo round.
  • Birthday bingo can be played by friends, family, and colleagues across the board, for real cash, or for prizes. It’s your call.
  • You can spice up your birthday bingo games with unique ideas. These include substituting bingo daubers with delicious candy, or laminated cards so that they can be reused, or using action-oriented terms to make it more exciting.