Greetings and salutations bingo heads! Today, we’re going to talk about bingo scratch cards. These fabulous games go
by other names such as bingo scratch off game cards, or simply bingo scratch offs. You’ve probably already played
your fair share of scratch card games over the years.

Who doesn’t love a scratch card game, right? The unmistakable appeal of bingo scratchcards is the mystery
behind the silver square. It’s like a lucky packet of surprises when you scratch off the silver square to reveal a
winning dauber mark.

Scratch cards typically come in many different themes and formats. Bingo scratch cards are fashioned around the
wonderful game of bingo. That’s right folks, it’s B-I-N-G-O time with your favourite scratch and match games. The
anatomy of bingo scratch cards is no different to that of traditional scratchoffs. Bingo scratch cards are
unbelievably entertaining.

You simply scratch off to reveal a winning bingo board and Bob’s your uncle! With bingo scratch cards, the results
are already printed onto the physical bingo cards, and hidden by the silver film. You simply have to scratch off the
bingo card to reveal the daubed numbers beneath.

Bingo Question: Bingo scratch card how to play? It’s easy – if you form a vertical line,
horizontal line, or diagonal line on the bingo scratch off, you’re a winner!

Cool Fact: Bingo scratch cards have fixed payout percentages, and there are a set number of winners
in every batch. Expect 1:3.4 scratch cards to be a winner with £5 scratch cards. With £10 scratch cards,
you can expect to win 1:5.8 cards.

Where to Play Bingo Scratch Card Games?

There are various channels available for playing bingo scratchcard games. You can play traditional bingo scratch
games using cardboard bingo cards, or you can play online bingo scratch card games at your favourite operator. The
choice is yours. Either way, it’s an exciting proposition for bingo players.

For those of you who enjoy the tactile appeal of bingo cards, there are plenty of places you can purchase these
scratch tickets. In the UK, bingo scratch cards are sold at Corner Shops and at Post Offices across the country. You
can redeem your prizes up to £100 in value at Corner Shops and Post Offices. Post Offices will redeem prizes
for you up to £500, and several retailers are also prepared to do this for you.

Other options available to you include mailing in your bingo scratchcard to the address on the back of the card
through the Royal Mail service. Scratch card prizes can also be redeemed at regional National Lottery Centres for
prizes valued at £500 or more.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go to any trouble to cash in your winning bingo scratchcards when you play online.
Top-notch operators like yours truly – – pay out winnings instantly. Scratchies,
or scratch card games are known as instant win games. You simply scratch and match to win a prize.

The leading online bingo operators routinely provide players with scratch
card games. There is no denying the appeal of an online bingo scratch ticket. Most online scratch cards are
available to players with a price range of £1 through £10. Since these are online scratch tickets, they
aren’t preprinted like paper cards. Instead, RNGs (random number generators) randomise the outcomes of these digital

There is no skill, or strategy needed to play bingo scratch card games. You simply buy your bingo ticket, scratch and
match to win. With online bingo scratchcards, you can reveal squares one at a time, or auto reveal at the click of a button. Every single online bingo scratch card has a fixed RTP
associated with it. This is the Return to Player percentage.

The higher the RTP, the larger the expected return to player over the long-term. Remember, this is only a
theoretical figure and anything can happen in the short-term. So, a 95% RTP indicates that you are likely to receive
95p back for every £1 that you wager over the long-term. A 97% RTP indicates that you are likely to receive
97p for every £1 that you wager over the long-term. The higher, the better!

Not every bingo scratch card game is about bingo. Many of them are fashioned around all sorts of different themes.
Some are instant win variants of popular slots games, styled in much the same way as the original slot machine game,
replete with characters and in-game symbols. The difference being that these are scratch card games, not slots.

What Are Bingo Scratch Card Rules?

There are different rules for different games. Bingo scratch card rules typically require you to match the called
bingo numbers with the bingo numbers on your card. Of course, any variety of options may present. For example,
different patterns such as shapes, letters, numbers, four corners, diagonal lines, vertical lines, and horizontal
lines may qualify you for a win.

On a standard 5 x 5 bingo scratchcard, you may qualify for a win by completing a line – vertically,
horizontally, or diagonally.  It really depends where you decide to play bingo scratch offs. The rules of each
game may differ, so it’s important to carefully understand the bingo scratch card rules before you play for real

Online bingo scratch cards are incredibly easy to play. You simply use your mouse to pick cards and reveal winners.
Point your mouse at the panel and click to reveal the hidden numbers. You can also play these games on your Android
smartphones and tablets, iPhone, and iPad devices too.

It’s worth pointing out that every game is different. There are 75 ball bingo scratch card games, and 90 ball bingo scratch card games, there
are Swedish bingo scratch card games, and progressive jackpot
scratch card games. Many options abound. Irrespective of the game you’re playing, bingo scratch card
rules are the same: you must form a matching set of winning symbols.

How to Pick Bingo Sites with Scratch Cards?

Nowadays, everything is about convenience. Online bingo scratchcards have taken the world by storm. We already know
that many of these scratch card games are not even about bingo – they are simply hosted at bingo sites. These instant win games are
plenty appealing, but you have to know where to play them. Here are a few characteristics of top-tier bingo sites:

  • Reputation, credibility, and ironclad trust
  • Highly responsive customer support and service
  • Awards for exceptional online bingo performance
  • Guaranteed payouts on winning bingo scratch cards
  • Glittering variety of scratchcard games to choose from
  • Secure payments
    with trusted deposit and withdrawal options
  • Safe, secure, and protected against interception by third parties
  • Affordable for casual players, with raised stakes for high rollers
  • Fully licensed and regulated to offer real-money bingo scratch card games

These are the most important elements to consider when picking bingo sites with scratch cards. Of course, it’s always
appreciated when top bingo sites offer a full spread of bingo
, slot machine games, card games, and table games too.

What are Holiday Bingo Scratch Card Games?

Who doesn’t love the holidays? These are festive times of year when good friends and family get together to celebrate
with one another. It’s also a fabulous opportunity to play holiday bingo scratch card games. Bingo scratch offs are
available for all the holidays, including Easter, Christmas, and New Year too.

In fact, any festivity is a reason to celebrate with holiday bingo scratch card games. What’s great about these
holiday bingo scratch card games is that they are specifically themed around the holidays.

  • Easter Bingo Scratch Card Games will have lots of Easter Bunny cartoon images, Easter eggs, and
    bright colours.
  • Christmas Bingo Scratch Card Games are usually decked out in red and green, with Christmas
    trees, mistletoe, Santa Claus, Christmas gifts, and lots of holiday cheer.
  • New Year Bingo Scratch Card Games are all about ushering in the New Year in grand style.
    Fireworks, champagne, and balloons are typical on these bingo scratch tickets.

Whatever the occasion, holiday bingo scratch card games are always in demand among players. It’s a breeze finding
these games at top-tier online bingo rooms, but you can also buy holiday bingo scratch cards from your favourite

If you buy a packet of Christmas Scratch Off Bingo Games, these scratchcard tickets typically come in a packet of 26
cards, with 2 winning cards and 24 non-winning cards. This gives you an idea of the number of winners in every pack
– in this particular case, it’s 1 in 13, or 7.7%.

What are the Most Popular Bingo Scratch Card UK Games?

As you already know, scratch card tickets aren’t always themed around bingo games. In the UK, there are thousands of
scratch cards to choose from. Here is a small number of popular bingo scratch card UK games:

  • Foxin’ Wins Scratch – match 3 symbols to win a prize
  • Doctor Love Scratch – Bet £0.20 up to £200 with a jackpot of £200,000
  • Hot Safari Scratch – match 3 symbols for a max prize of £50,000
  • Blood Queen Scratch – Bet from as little as £0.10 with a top prize of
  • The Justice Machine – Bet from as little as £0.05, with a top prize of £500.
  • Deal or No Deal: What’s in Your Box – Bet from as little as £1 – £10
    with a top prize of £250,000.
  • Ghostbusters Spectral Search – Bet from as little as £0.50 – £10 with a
    maximum win of £250,000.
  • Lucky Numbers – with multipliers ranging from 1X through 5X, and winnings starting at
    £3, and maxing out at £200,000.
  • Whack-a-Jackpot – with a minimum bet of £0.50, and a max bet of £10, this
    game has a maximum win £50,000.
  • Merlin’s Millions – an iconic scratch card game with a minimum bet of £0.20 and a
    maximum bet of £200, this game has a super-sized £250,000 jackpot.

How to Find the Best Bingo Scratch Cards Online?

It’s much easier than you think to find the best bingo scratch cards online. Start
with a reputable online bingo room. Things to look for include licensing and regulation, bingo scratch cards
selection, banking options, customer support, and online security. Once you’ve picked a trusted online bingo room,
your next step is equally important.

Choose bingo scratch cards online with player-friendly RTPs. The higher the return to player percentage, the better
for you. Many of these games will dazzle you with glittering lights, fancy animation, and appealing features. Once
you get into the nitty-gritty, it’s the RTP that really matters. Affordability is another factor. Some folks like to
play £0.10 scratch cards online, and others have no problem playing £1 – £10 per bingo
scratchcard. Play within your budget.

Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about tactics or strategies
other than bankroll management and selecting the right RTPs. As a rule, expect the more expensive tickets to have
better odds of winning a prize than the less
expensive tickets. However, most bingo scratch tickets have odds of winning a prize as 1:4, with the exception of
expensive bingo cards where the odds can drop as low as 1:2. When you’re ready, simply scratch, match, and win.
That’s how to play bingo scratch card games!

Key Takeaways for Bingo Scratch Cards

  • ‘Bingo scratch cards’ is the broad term given to scratch card games available at bingo sites. It
    includes bingo-themed scratchcard games as well as other scratch tickets. These games are available for low
    minimum bets of £0.10 – £10, and can have substantial payouts as high as £250,000 +
  • It’s really easy to play bingo scratch card games. For regular scratch cards, simply scratch and match at least
    3 symbols. For bingo scratch cards reveal a winning line (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line).
  • Bingo scratch card games are ideal for holidays and festivities. You can find Easter, Christmas, and New
    Year-themed scratch card games to play.
  • The best way to pick bingo scratch cards online is by selecting a reputable online bingo room, choosing scratch
    card games with high RTPs, and ensuring that bingo games are affordable to play. Generally, the more expensive
    the scratch card, the better the odds of winning.