Bingo Prizes – The old saying goes that it’s not the winning but the taking part that counts. And while that may well be the case in some areas, we’re not sure it applies when it comes to bingo.

It is a game that offers up thrills and spills at the best of times, but the excitement it generates really goes to a whole new level when your numbers come up and you actually hit the jackpot. If you’re fortunate enough to win big, the chances are your mind will be dominated by one question alone – what should I spend it on?

If you’re seeking a bit of inspiration for the day, or simply want to find out about some of the stranger things that bingo winners have spent cash on, you’ve come to the right place. Here we take a look at some interesting post-bingo purchase decisions, peculiar prizes and some of the more popular things that people have shelled out on.

Weird and wonderful – the stranger side to bingo prizes

Winning major prize money on bingo games or the lottery must be a truly overwhelming sensation, and that may be why some people make some intriguing decisions after hitting the jackpot. For example, there are tales across the internet of lottery winners splashing out on plots of land on the moon and building water parks as they figure out what to do with their new-found wealth. But what are the more intriguing steps taken by bingo winners?

Bingo prizes Getting back on the move

One of the more incredible stories concerns an unnamed woman who wanted to use her six-figure bingo jackpot winnings to buy a new knee. According to a story published by the Lancashire Telegraph back in 2003, the woman had been left in a wheelchair following an accident and therefore decided to use her six-figure winnings from a bingo hall in Blackpool to get back on her feet. More specifically, she planned to undergo a vital knee replacement procedure that she hoped would help her walk again. Continuing the mobility theme, she also intended to buy a stairlift to help her friend get around the house too.

Keeping it real

But while that winner was clearly hoping her bingo win would change her life, it could be argued that one of the weirder trends among bingo winners in the UK is how some simply do not want such success to go to their heads. Take Christine Bradfield for example, who won more than £1 million while playing bingo at a club in Tydfil back in 2008. While many people might have decided to quit their day job on the spot after such a win, Christine took a much different view. In fact, she continued with her part-time role working at a petrol station for just £5.50 an hour.

Another winner who chose to keep it real after bingo success was County Durham grandmother Anita Campbell. She remarkably won two major online bingo jackpots worth over £500,000 in days of each other last year. But what has she been doing to keep herself busy after the wins? Incredibly, the Metro reports she spent her downtime doing one thing – playing online bingo.

Strange success

But while some people have been lucky to win huge amounts of cash by playing bingo in halls and online, spare a thought for the people who have enjoyed success in games where much stranger prizes were on offer.

One of the classic urban myths found online is that a woman once became the proud owner of a milking cow after taking part in a charity bingo game, although more specifics including the whereabouts of the game in question, and the cow, are not easy to find. Furthermore, the famous Ann Summers brand once dipped its toes into the online bingo domain with a site boasting prizes ranging from lingerie to even racier items that we will not name here.

Finally, in terms of land-based bingo, the renowned Bongo’s Bingo club nights held across the UK have definitely brought a bit of weird back to the game too. Prizes at the events have been known to range from Henry Hoovers to that quintessential children’s cereal favourite, Coco Pops.

Sound investments – the most popular bingo prizes

All of the above clearly highlights that bingo prizes have taken on some interesting forms through the years, as well as that people can make some surprising decisions after enjoying success. But what are the more common purchases made by those who win big?

The usual suspects

Whenever a jackpot winner hits the headlines, you can expect to see three fundamental things mentioned in their plans – a new house, a new car, and a big family holiday. For example, the world’s biggest online bingo winner, John Orchard, won more than £5 million in 2012, and made it a priority to buy a Jaguar XF, a big getaway to Center Parcs with his loved ones, and a new house in Lincolnshire.

The same was also true of Lisa Potter, who won in the region of £1.3 million in an online bingo game in 2012. Again, the first items on her shopping list were a luxury holiday, a new car, and a sparkling new property. Probably the most remarkable element to her story is that she was only on the game because she was bored – her partner was watching football and she was trying to entertain herself.

Sharing is caring

But while cars, houses, and holidays form a pretty formidable trio when it comes to post-bingo win purchases, what else do winners tend to invest in?

There is one simple answer to that question – friends and family. Sharing is very much caring and many of the winners already mentioned in this article confirmed plans to give some of their winnings to support loved ones. Another who took that step was Soraya Lowell from South Lanarkshire, who won a massive £1.2 million in 2008. After tasting success, she chose to split her winnings with her bingo partner, and neighbour, Agnes O’Neil.

Enjoy some bingo success today

There is nothing quite like winning major prize money on bingo and the information above should have given you a flavour of how some of the biggest winners have chosen to spend their precious funds.

However, now that we’ve got you thinking about what you would do if you were in their shoes, why not see how you get on with our range of games?