Abradoodle Bingo sports the slogan, ‘Let’s Play BINGO!’ Created by Absolute Games, Abradoodle Bingo loads direct from your Facebook account, in your browser. Abradoodle bingo download options are also available through apps at the Google Play Store and the App Store. It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy folks!

Gameplay begins by completing your profile. This includes your Avatar, your Dauber, your Player name, and your Email address. The default avatar is the cute little bingo puppy, but you can choose the little kitty cat if you prefer. The avatars modify your profile picture in bingo! As you progress through various rounds of play, you will unlock different avatars which you can use in your profile.

Getting started with Abradoodle Bingo Games 

Avatars can be won in chests, or by completing stamps. They are divided up into three categories, notably Common, Rare, and Epic. The Standard avatars are the Common avatars, including the puppy and the kitten. As you advance through different levels of the game, you’ll come across many exciting avatars. Next up is the bingo dauber. This is also known as a dabber, or a marker used to match called bingo numbers with numbers on your card.

The default color is red, and it looks like the puppy’s ball. Other colors include orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, cyan, onyx, and then the special patterns which cost a lot more in-game coins to purchase. At the top end of the spectrum are mesmerizing colors, culminating in a dynamic matrix-style dauber which is the star of the show.

On the low end, bingo daubers can be purchased for 1000 in-game coins, and at the top end its 50,000 in-game coins. Next up is your Player Name selection and your Email Address. You can manually edit your default player name which is randomly assigned by the game, and you can tap to enter your email address if you prefer. With your selections made, you will see your screen name displayed on the bottom left corner of the bingo screen.

Play is about to commence at the Hot Springs, Series 1. In this round of play, there are 8 stamps to be collected. Click the ‘Hot Springs’ game screen to begin playing. You can choose the number of cards you would like to play from 1 to 4. The more cards you play, the more chances you have of potentially winning a bingo prize.

How to Play Abradoodle Bingo Games on Your Device

The 5 x 5 bingo cards indicate that this is a 75 ball bingo game. This is the American and Canadian favorite, with the center square gifted to players. With 75 ball bingo, you will be required to match called numbers with numbers on your bingo cards. As a newbie to the scene, you’ll want to start with a manageable number of bingo cards because it gets pretty challenging manually daubing bingo numbers on the cards in real-time.

Take a look at the bottom of the screen, and you’ll notice the vertically-oriented arrows on a green square. If you play more than two cards, these arrows come into play since they represent the cards at the bottom of the screen.

Of course, you can always maximize your screen size to see all four cards displayed at once. That’s the quick and easy fix for playing Abradoodle Bingo. Players are required to collect ‘Stamp Pieces’ while bingo games are in session to unlock rewards and cute little avatars. Once you complete a full stamp collection, they can be redeemed for unique postcards and you can score some Abradoodle bingo free tickets too.

When you are manually daubing, you have to keep your eyes on the prize. The bingo numbers roll onto the top of the screen in quick succession. Fortunately, there are some tricks you can employ to mark the called numbers much quicker.

Quick Fix for Manually Marking Bingo Balls Quicker

  • B – numbers 1-15
  • I – numbers 16-30
  • N – numbers 31-45
  • G – numbers 46-60
  • O – numbers 61-75

When you’re looking for numbers on your bingo cards, you only have to search by column since every number that is called has a letter and a number associated with it. For example, B 14I 30N 39G 55, and O 70. Once a number rolls in, simply click the matching number on your bingo card for that particular column.

On the main game screen, you’ll notice a series of buttons such as Select A Team, Leaderboard, Achievements, Booster Shop, and Collect Now. As you advance through this fun-filled bingo game, you’ll quickly learn what each of these features is all about. It’s intuitive, entertaining, and rewarding.

Need Help Playing Abradoodle Bingo?

Help is at hand. Simply click the blue & white gears icon on the top right of your screen. That opens the ‘Help & Settings’ menu. You’ll find plenty of useful information. This includes the option to toggle Sound Effects ON/OFF, Caller Voice ON/OFF, and Music volume. One of the most important sections in the Help & Settings menu is ‘How to Play’. Like any 75 ball bingo game, you are simply required to complete a combination of called bingo numbers in a line. This can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal.

Abradoodle Bingo games can be downloaded to your iPhone or iPad, through the App Store. Bingo games are free to play, and you get to enjoy multiple bingo cards at the same time. Various in-game options are available such as puppies and kittens, bingo buddies, multipliers, daily spins, daily bonuses, and so much more. Already rated 4.8/5 from 20,000+ reviewers, this bingo game is packed with features. It’s a good idea to check out the App Store for iOS, or the Google Play Store for Android.

Anyone interested in a social gaming experience will love bingo Abradoodle bingo games free to play on Facebook. You can play live bingo with friends online, or you can play a casual game of bingo with no Internet connection at all. It’s just good times with bingo on your mobile device, Mac, or PC. So, pick a team – Team Hoops or Team Abradoodle. It’s your call player. Now upgraded with many exciting features, the VIP program presents players with up to 7 new bingo VIP rooms and a treasure trove of rewards to enjoy.

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Abracadabra! Sim Sala Bim! It’s time to play Bingo Abradoodle.