Fight and Race for Life with! are proud to throw their support behind Race for Life – the series of anti-cancer running events organised exclusively for women. Here, they talk about how their legion of brilliant players are working together to rid the world of cancer, and the role can play in helping them reach that goal. and Cancer Research UK and cancer research UK are teaming up to take down cancer. Those of you who have seen the brilliant Race for Life TV adverts will know that our community is coming together to kick cancer’s butt!

At we love our players, and we know that far too many of them have struggled with cancer, or have felt the pain of watching a loved one fight their own battle. In the past we’ve run events like Pink Friday, donating all profits to the Breast Cancer Care organisation. It’s a commitment we’re incredibly proud to have made, and something we want to continue in our support for Race for Life.

Race for Life is a series of women-only running events, raising money for research into hundreds of types of cancer. They’re going to take cancer down, and we’ve got their backs while they do it. That means spreading the word, and encouraging as many of our brave and generous players as possible to join in. No matter what your running ability there’s an event for you – all it takes is a bit of pink and the will to make change happen. loves its community of players. Our goal is to provide a fun, communal place where friends of all different types can gather together and have a good time. But just because fun’s our aim doesn’t mean our appreciation for our players ends at them having a great time online. We want to promote healthy, long lifestyles in every way we can – whether that’s raising money for a great cause, or helping our army of brilliant supporters organise themselves to take down a terrible disease. Race for Life is shaping up to be one of the biggest anti-cancer events ever carried out, and that’s no coincidence – the truth is that we’ve never been closer to a world where more people survive cancer than fall victim to it. We’ll never stop fighting to make that world a reality, and we know you won’t either.