People, who play on online bingo sites, might go there because they want to win, meet new friends, or it could just be all about the bingo lingo. There is more to bingo than just playing the games, especially if you’re playing online. Although we all know people play to win, there are some who just love to chat, and knowing the bingo lingo is essential if you are one of these types of players. We are going to go through the bingo lingo in great detail and explain the meanings. If you’re new to online bingo lingo, by the end of this article you will be an expert when in the chat rooms chatting to your bingo buddies.

A – Z Of Bingo Lingo – The Bingo Dictionary

We are going to go through the list of bingo lingo from start to finish, so that you understand all the meanings, and when they might come in handy! Use them in the chat room with your fellow bingo friends, and they will be impressed.

The Top Ten Bingo Lingo Words Used Daily

There are a zillion bingo lingo phrases around, but the ones above are the most common. Maybe you’re wondering which phrases will get used the most, in the bingo chat rooms? Well, we are going to explain the 10 most popular phrases that everyone uses, now. We will start with the lingo used when players are getting close to winning the bingo game, so eyes down and look on.

  • 1tg – This is probably one of the most used bingo lingo words around. What it means is that a player is only waiting on one number to win. Bingo users will use this word every single time they are getting close to clinching the game. You will see this word posted into the chat room on numerous occasions. The excitement of waiting on one number to win the game is out of this world. It’s even better if you nail the win!

  • 2tg – Players will use this word when they are waiting on two numbers to win the bingo game. Users will post this into the chat box a lot as they may be very excited as they get closer to winning that all important bingo prize.

  • 3tg – You will see this bingo lingo word being posted several times a day in the chat window. It means that players only require three numbers to win the game. At this point the countdown starts, because bingo player’s use 3tg, 2tg and 1tg all day long! Hoping for that all important win.

  • Gl – When you’re in the chat room, you will often see players post this bingo word, it means that they are wishing everyone good luck. It may also be posted into the chat box at the start of each game too, although it’s normally posted during the game, especially during the 3tg, 2tg, and 1tg countdown.

  • Wtg – Players will use this bingo lingo word, when someone wins at bingo. It will also be used when someone has won a chat game. The word means ‘Way To Go’ and the Wtg abbreviation is used a zillion times each day, as it refers to people winning at bingo.

  • Brb – Online bingo players will use this word when they are leaving their screens as it means ‘Be Right Back’. They may be going to make a cup of tea or checking out another bingo room etc. This word is used regularly, but not as much as more popular abbreviations such like; 1tg, 2tg and 3tg. It means ‘Be Right Back’.

  • Lol – This is a fun word used often in the free bingo chat rooms. It means ‘Laugh Out Loud’. Players will use the word, if they are laughing at certain things that are being said in the chat room, or when they are informing the room of a funny story. This word is very popular and is used tons of times on a daily basis both in and out of the bingo room.

  • FYI – Players will only use this word, if they are referring to something. The bingo lingo word simply means ‘For Your Attention’. Players will normally use it if they are referring to something that was said in the chat room, or they think that the chat game winner was wrong.

  • OMG – Bingo members will use this word when they are expressing shock. The word means ‘Oh My God’! Say for example that someone won a huge jackpot prize, and then maybe the players in the chat room or even the lucky winner, would use this word to express their surprise. It can however refer to many things, not just shock. Sometimes players use it to show frustration if they have been stuck on 1tg for a while too.

  • Sys – This word is used a lot, because it means ‘See Ya Soon’ and bingo players will use it when they are leaving the chat room. This abbreviation will be used on a daily basis, and this word lets other players and the chat host know that they are leaving.

Try The Bingo Lingo

If you haven’t used the bingo lingo words above; try them out for size the next time you’re in the chat room. Your fellow bingo buddies will be well impressed, and you will feel completely comfortable using them. Having the bingo lingo knowledge is like having the English dictionary in your hands, because like the dictionary (Which has English Words), online bingo has its world of own words! We call it the ‘Bingo Lingo Dictionary’!