90-Ball Bingo

90-Ball Bingo

Have you just discovered the wondrous world of Bingo? If so then the different variations, pattern combinations and lingo is probably all seeming a bit overwhelming but not to worry because 888ladies is here to help! All three variations of Bingo are in fact very simple and after reading my simple articles you can get playing within minutes. Here in this article, I disclose all the facts concerning the most popular game in the UK, 90 Ball Bingo.

What is 90 Ball Bingo?

The 90-ball game is considerably different from 75-ball game because with the former you have three chances of winning, while with the latter you would normally only have one chance of scooping a prize. The 90-ball variation is also popular because it is the same version one would play in any bingo hall. People have become accustomed to playing this traditional game, and with all the jackpots and great prizes it has to offer, it’s no wonder that it’s become an all-time favorite with bingo ladies in the UK.

History of 90 Ball Bingo

Although Bingo is thought of as a 21st century game, and it didn’t reach the UK until the 1920’s, in fact, there are records of it being played back in the Middle Ages where it was a type of lottery game. After its independence, Italy began its own lottery which it called ‘lo Guico Del Lotto d’Italia’ where numbers were drawn just like Bingo. The lottery still runs and now all over the world and is very much like good old Bingo.

After being called a variety of different names throughout the ages including ‘Le Lotto’ in France, ‘La Lotteria’ in Mexico and ‘Beano’ in the US, it is thought that the name ‘Bingo’ came about when an excited player accidentally called the wrong name and it just stuck! I don’t know about you but I love the name Bingo – it hits the mark perfectly.

The 90-Ball Bingo Card

The way that a 90 Ball Bingo card is laid out is very simple and easy to understand, however it helps (and makes the game all the more fun) if you understand it.

  • The grid comprises of 27 squares, with three horizontal and nine vertical lines.
  • The first column contains numbers 1 to 9.
  • The second column contains numbers 10 to 19.
  • The third column has the numbers 20 to 29, and so on.
  • Each card consists of 15 numbers that are placed randomly within the squares.

90-Ball Bingo Card

What Is the Procedure When Playing 90-Ball?

  • Players buy their cards.
  • There is an interval that allows time for players to purchase their cards.
  • The game begins and the caller calls out randomly generated numbers.
  • The players mark their cards with the numbers called.
  • At some point, the winning card(s) are revealed.
  • The winner(s) are paid.
  • The game starts all over again.

90-Ball Bingo Dressed

90-Ball Bingo Patterns

The patterns in 90-ball are three-lined winning sequences being one line, two lines and three lines. The first player to complete one line wins the game, the same being for players who complete two or three lines. The value of the prizes increases every time you win. The full house game normally takes longer to fill. However, it usually comes with the highest prize, and the jackpots that come with some 90-ball rooms can be worth substantial amounts.

90-Ball Bingo Patterns

Jackpot Games

A jackpot is a prize pot that grows as players buy tickets, although every game has a minimum guaranteed jackpot. It can start at 40 numbers, meaning that if you win bingo within 40 numbers or less, then you win the jackpot amount. After the jackpot is won, it all starts over again. Normally, the pot will start at something like £100, and can sometimes progress to as much as thousands of pounds. So, it’s certainly worth playing in a room where there is a jackpot on offer too.

The Difference Between the Games

Playing the 90-ball game gives you more chances of winning than the 75-ball version. With the former, you have three chances of winning, as you can play for one line, two lines, or three, whilst with 75-ball you only have one chance of winning. To top it all, with 90-ball you also have the chance of winning. If there’s a chat game running in the bingo room, then that provides you with another chance to win some free bingo money.

Many people who play 90-ball games will also pre-buy into a 75-ball game because even though this game provides a one-chance win, the prize is higher than in a 90-ball game. Winning chances also depend on the times you play the games. It’s always best to play at peak times if you’re after the higher value prizes.

90-Ball Bingo Differences

3 Crucial Tips You Can Benefit From

  • Pre-buy your tickets in 75-ball rooms.
  • Play bingo in 90-ball rooms.
  • Play low-value games to help keep within your Bingo budget, but at the same time, buy some tickets in a jackpot room too. If you win, then you can play higher value games, and sometimes even send some cash to your bank account.

In summary, I suggest that you try both 75-ball and 90-ball bingo games.. 🙂