Bingo Calls

Listen up fashionable and forward-thinking 20-something women! Forget the stereotypical middle-aged housewives and ‘blue rinse brigade’, you are the fabulous new breed of bingo player on the scene.

So to keep our sassy members happy, has modernised the tired, old traditional bingo calls and launched its very own Blingo Numbers – fabulous new bingo calls for the Noughties.

Ditching your Saturday shopping sprees and nights out, what self respecting young, trendy, professional woman wouldn’t rather stay in to play a good old game of online bingo with mates – the lifestyle choice and leisure pursuit for glam girls. At you’re in the right place, and it’s likely your friends are doing it too so join in and mingle – you can have a good old girly gossip while you play.

bingo calls
Gok Wan
bingo caller
Jimmy Choo
Menage a trois
Christian Dior
Chanel number five
In the City
David Beckham’s number
Catherine Tate
Dressed up to the nines
Deirdre and Ken
Ocean’s 11
Cinderella’s bed time
Baker’s dozen..but watch those carbs!
Man on big screen Sean Bean
Minutes of fame
Rugby team
Dancing queen
Get the drinks in
Drama queen
Is plenty
J Lo’s bum
Killer heeled shoes
Jay Z
Jack Bauer
Quarter of a century its not long ’til 30
Night at the flicks
Age rock stars go to heaven
Hot date
Wine ‘n’ Dine
Bring out the botox
Alexa Chung
Topshop sale queue
Show him the door
Rodeo Drive
Just for kicks
Chauffuer driven
Blind date
He’s all mine
Chart toppers with Fearne and Reggie
Facebook fun
New hairdo
Long Island Iced Tea
Knicker drawer
Days in jail for Paris
Luscious lips
Swarovski diamond heaven
Fake bake
Champagne time
Ring from Tiffany
Dom Perignon
Man flu
Leave by the back door
Takeaway arrives
Lacy knicks
Lucky Number Slevin
Curly or straight?
Mark Jacobs new line
Miss Sixty
A place in the sun
Problems solved with a brew
Ironing’s a chore
Karaoke live
Pete Tong in the mix
Hols in Devon
Date your best mate’s flat mate
Back to mine
Dreams of a beach in Fiji
Exercise my bum
Table at Nobu
Bet you look good on the dance floor
I will survive
Harvey Nics
Don’t date a Kevin
Fashionably late
Calvin Klein
Acceptable in the 80’s
Chris Moyles and Jo Whiley
Betty Boo doing the doo
Me, thee…and he
Mac make up galore
Amy’s beehive
Shakira’s hips
Birkin bag heaven
Need to lose weight
Rose wine
Claridges for tea