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What are Free Spins?

888Ladies is proud to introduce a new feature, which allows you to spin for free on selected slots. Free Spins may sometimes be referred to as ‘Free Games’ or ‘Free Games voucher’.

How will I know if I have Free Spins?

Once the Free Spins have been granted, a pop-up will appear on your login page informing you of the amount of Free Spins that were given to you. It will also indicate which game they’ve been credited to, along with a direct link to the specified game.

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What is the Free Spins Gift icon?

Once you’re in the lobby, in the top left-hand corner on PC or in the top right-hand corner on mobile devices, you’ll see a gift icon containing the amount of Free Spins you currently have.
You’ll receive bundles of Free Spins, according to each promotional offer, and the number in the gift box icon reflects how many bundles you currently have.
In order to see how many Free Spins you have per bundle, just click on the gift box, and the Free Spins list will appear.

Only 1 Free Spin bundle will be available to you at any one time.
Once you’ve used all of the Free Spins in that bundle, the next bundle of Free Spins will be unlocked and available for use.

In which slot games can I use my Free Spins?

The relevant slot name and icon will appear on the pop-up and Free Spins’ list.

Can I play the Free Spins on mobile as well as PC?

Yes, free spins are available for both PC and mobile. Free spins are given either to mobile games or PC games. Each bundle given will be played from the original platform (mobile or PC) it was given. In the event that you begin to play with a voucher on a specific type of device, for example a PC or mobile device (where available), you will only be able to complete your use of the applicable voucher on that specific type of device.

How do I use the Free Spins?

Just click ‘Spin Now’ in the ‘Free Spins’ pop-up or the ‘Free Spins’ list in order to activate your Free Spins. Now you can just spin and enjoy.

How do Free Spins work?

Each Free Spin includes 25 paylines. When you win, your winnings will be displayed in points (pt), during the Free Spins game. Once you complete your Free Spins, the total winning points will be converted into a Games Bonus (instant games bonus): Every 100 points = £/$1 (according to max winning amount). The final wining amount will be displayed in a winning message.

Once you click “BACK TO GAME” you will be sent to the regular money version of the game (not the free spin version). You can either play or leave the game and play any other Instant Game that you wish using the Games Bonus you won (according to the Games Bonus Terms and Conditions).

What can I win from using my Free Spins?

Once you’ve used all of your Free Spins, the total winning points will be converted into a Games Bonus: Every 100 points = £/$1 (according to max winning amount).

What’s the maximum amount I can win using my Free Spins?

Free Spin winnings are capped at a maximum winning amount. This will depend on the type of promotion, which will be detailed in the promotion’s T&C. After the Free Spins have been used, a pop-up will appear containing the amount of the Games Bonus (after capping and points conversion).

What’s the minimum amount I can win using my Free Spins?

The minimum amount you can win using your free spins is £1 Games Bonus per bundle (voucher). It means you can only win!

If you have any questions please email us here , with your 888Ladies alias and voucher ID number.
Free Spins Terms and Conditions appear at the bonus policy apply.