Develop your strategy to win big at this timeless and strategical card game.


Take on the Dealer with BlackJack

It’s one of the most popular casino games of all time, but wouldn’t you love to play BlackJack at your own pace, with no dress code, no strangers digging their elbows into you and best of all, from your very own sofa? Now you can, with 888ladies’ fabulous online version of the classic game! So, mix up your martini, throw on your classiest PJs and take all the time you want to mastermind your strategy and outsmart the Dealer!

How to Play blackjack

BlackJack is a table game requiring skill, judgement – and just a hint of luck! The object of the game is to hit the number 21 from two cards, which can be done with an Ace, worth 1 or 11, and any picture card, worth 10. Do this and you’ve got BlackJack! The Dealer cannot beat this score, so it’s just a case of seeing whether he can match your feat. If he can there’s no payout, but if he can’t, the house owes you 3 to 2!

The insurance option comes into play when you hit BlackJack, but the dealer has also been dealt an Ace first. The player can then opt to take lesser winnings of 1:1, in order to avoid the Dealer matching their BlackJack and cancelling out their win.

BlackJack is the best score, but to win at odds of 1:1 a player only has to beat the Dealer’s hand. With the Dealer forced to stand on 17 or better and to twist on anything below, your free will gives you good odds of winning! Of course, if a hand goes over 21, it’s Bust and has no value, so tactics come into play once you’ve been dealt two cards without hitting 21. Depending on the Dealer’s visible cards, you’ll have to decide whether to brave the Twist and gamble on another card, or to Stand and hope you finish nearer to 21 than the Dealer!

blackjack game Layout

The classic casino design of a velvety red table with your chips at the bottom and the Dealer’s hand opposite makes for an atmospheric, tension filled game. The chips and their values are displayed at the bottom of the screen, along with shortcut buttons to Double your bet or Split your cards into two feasible hands, whenever you see fit. The familiar layout makes it easy to find all the options you need, so you can concentrate on that all-important strategy!

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