Rainbow Riches Slingo Tips

Rainbow Riches Slingo Tips

Slingo Rainbow Riches is a combination of the wildly popular video slot game by SG Digital, Rainbow Riches, and Slingo by Slingo Originals. A hybrid game by design, Slingo Rainbow Riches merges the talents of two world-class software providers to bring players an entirely new game of chance. Recall that Rainbow Riches is an Irish-themed slot machine game with a merry little leprechaun whom we like to call Paddy O’Malley. He sits in his field of green with 4 leaf clovers, where rainbows meet pots of gold. Let’s recap about Rainbow Riches slot, and Slingo, before we fuse these great games together.

What’s Rainbow Riches Slot About?

An immersive slot machine game with exceptional payout potential, SG Digital & Barcrest crafted Rainbow Riches slot. It remains a player favourite to this day. Rainbow Riches is a 5 x 3 reel slot, with 20 variable lines in play. There are 18 winning combinations. Players can scoop up a maximum of 25,000 X coins for each line bet. Interactive bonus rounds are available, including ‘Pots of Gold’, ‘Wishing Well’, and ‘Road to Riches’. Plus, there’s a Gamble Feature too. As its namesake suggests, Rainbow Riches rewards players when Gold Coin Wilds and Rainbow Riches Scatter symbols appear, and a ‘Pick Me’ bonus round kicks in. The bonus game can award you with up to 25,000 credits.

What’s Slingo About?

Perhaps you’ve come across Slingo, and wondered what this game is all about? Slingo is actually a hybrid game itself. It’s a mix between Slots and Bingo, hence the name ‘Slingo’. Although the name says a lot, further explanation is required. For players to win with Slingo, you must complete horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines. Coveralls are great too. Your screen looks like a bingo card, but it’s got all the functionality of a slot machine game. That’s because the proprietary in-game mechanic of Slingo is precisely that of a slot game. So, instead of standard slot symbols, you’ve got a new set of numbers on your ‘reels’ with every spin. To spice things up, there are various Slingo symbols added for good measure. These include:

  • Joker Wild Symbols – Wilds are great substitution symbols in Slingo games. They can form matches for any numbers in the columns they appear.
  • Super Joker Symbols – Wilds that can substitute for any number, anywhere on your Slingo grid. That’s why they’re called Super!
  • 3+ Jokers or Super Jokers – Win an Instant Cash Prize in Slingo.
  • Devil Symbols – These are the party poopers who block potential matches
  • Coin Symbols – Land Coin Symbols and win instant cash prizes
  • Free Spins Symbols – as the name suggests, these award you with Free Spins

As a category, Slingo is available with many different slot machine games. These include branded slots like Monopoly, Britain’s Got Talent, Deal or No Deal Slingo, X Factor, as well as the first-ever real-money Slingo game to be released in 2015 – Slingo Riches. But traditional Slingo games started way before that, back in 1994. Today, there are dozens of Slingo games available to players, and Rainbow Riches Slingo is foremost among them. Now that you know exactly what Slingo is all about, let’s see what happened when it merged with Rainbow Riches slot game.

Celebrate with Rainbow Riches Slingo Game

Slingo Rainbow Riches is all about the Luck of the Irish. Unlike the original Rainbow Riches, this Slingo game features a 5 x 5 grid. You’re tasked with completing lines on the grid, by matching your numbers with those that are randomly generated at the bottom of your screen. Once you mark off all five numbers in a single row, you receive what is known as a Slingo. This advances you through the bonus system, in this case a ladder. This is located on the left-hand side of your screen. Slingo Rainbow Riches is festooned with features; that’s why players really love this Slingo game. You can unlock exciting features when you move up the ladder and complete the required number of Slingos.

Remember the reference to all the different Slingo symbols earlier? Well, good news! Jokers (YAY!), Super Jokers (YAY! YAY!), Free Spins (Great!), and Devils (EWW!) are also included in Rainbow Riches Slingo games. These features can help or hinder you in your pursuit of wins. If you make it to the top of the ladder, in time, the golden loot is yours to boot.

Tips for Unlocking Features in Rainbow Riches Slingo

There are 5 X Bonus Rounds in play with Rainbow Riches Slingo! These include the following:

  • The Wishing Well Bonus Round – Line up 5 X Slingos and you’re off to the Wishing Well Bonus with a Pick Me round. Simply choose 3 Wishing Wells to unearth your prize.
  • The Cash Crop Bonus Round – Make it to the Leprechaun symbol on the bonus ladder, and the Cash Crop Bonus is yours for the taking. Watch for 50 spinning coins and their hidden values. Players get to enjoy 4 rounds of play, with up to 10X multipliers.
  • The Magic Toadstool Bonus Round – Here’s another bonus round where you pick 3 toadstools. You can win anywhere from 1X to 5X, and if you select a fairy, you get an additional 3 selections. If you manage to hit the Magic Toadstool Red Bonus, you get 4 picks, rather than 3.
  • The Road to Riches Bonus Round – The name says it all! The Road to Riches Bonus Round offers you multipliers and big wins on your way through the bonus round of play.
  • The Pots of Gold Bonus Round – The Pots of Gold Bonus Round is the pinnacle of achievement. You will see a dozen pots spinning around, alongside a golden arrow. If the arrow points to a high-value pot, that’s your prize.

Want some more? How about the Unlimited Extra Spins which can be bought at the conclusion of the game, once your first 10 Spins are complete.

Tips While Playing Rainbow Riches Slingo

This game features a 5 x 5 grid of bingo numbers, and a bottom line of 5 RNG-generated numbers that must be matched in the columns above. Rainbow Riches Slingo features a left hand column with 1 line, 2 lines, 3 lines, 4 lines, 5 lines… 10 lines, Full House prominently displayed. These indicate precisely where you are in your game. If you have completed 1 Line, that level on the ladder will be highlighted and you will advance to the level labeled 2 Lines.

When you begin Rainbow Riches Slingo, you have 10 Spins within which to complete your winning combinations. Don’t fret, you can get additional spins at a cost. Your Slingo numbers will be displayed in purple on the 5 x 5 grid above the row of white on black numbers on the bottom. The purple numbers do not change during the course of your game. The white on black numbers will change with every spin that you initiate. On the bottom left corner of your screen, you will notice a gold number against a black background. This represents the current bet in the game. At the top of your screen, you will see a horizontal bar indicating the number of spins remaining, and flashing with the words ‘Press Spin to Continue’.

The Zinger! What You Need to Know about Rainbow Riches Slingo

Here’s the thing: Every time you click the gold on green spin button, the white on black numbers on the bottom row will change, and any matches in your grid will be highlighted with a gold star on a red background. Your goal is to complete a line – horizontally, vertically, or diagonally with the numbers that have come up. As the number of spins remaining decreases, you will notice an increase in the number of matches there are formed on your Slingo grid. This is to be expected, since every spin cycle is random, you are likely to increase the number of matching symbols as the game progresses.

Just how many numbers are there in Rainbow Riches Slingo. you may be wondering? Well, there are 25 numbers on the grid, and the values of those numbers can range between 1 and the 70s. Just like a Keno-style lottery game, or a Bingo game, it’s definitely a lot more challenging to fill up your card than it seems. As you complete any line, be it horizontally (left to right), vertically (up and down), or diagonally (corner to corner), it will be marked on the left-hand column of the ladder in red. In other words, the number of lines you have completed will be highlighted with gold text against a red background. Once you’ve successfully completed 4 lines, and moved to the fifth line, that’s when all of the game features start kicking in.

How do you Successfully Complete Lines in Rainbow Riches Slingo?

There are only a couple of things you need to do to successfully play and win Rainbow Riches Slingo games. Place your bet, and then click the Gold & Green Spin button to get started. The moment you click the spin button, the RNGs have already determined hundreds of combinations of numbers and symbols that may appear in the bottom line represented by white on black numbers, and colourful symbols. If you happen to win a Free Spin, this will play out after the current spin. Once you reach your allocated designation of 10 spins for the game, it goes into premium-play territory.

This simply means that you will pay for each additional spin that you want, with prices determined by the current lay of the land so to speak. In other words, your grid and the combinations that you have already formed will determine the cost of additional spins. It’s an algorithm that works pretty well, and can be trusted. The cost of each spin will be listed in the actual spin button. As you get closer to completing a full house, the cost for each spin will increase sharply. You may want to keep track of the total amount staked in the game. For the first 10 spins, your total staked amount does not change. When you start with premium play, that number will rise sharply.

Naturally, this is how online casinos make their money with Rainbow Riches Slingo games. It’s always worthwhile wagering just below the point at which the cost of your wager exceeds the potential payoffs you can win. Put differently, make sure that the risk is worth the reward. Something exciting happens when you start moving up the ladder on the left of your screen. You will notice there are 7 featured icons, each of which provides you with a bonus. If you wish to collect the bonus on a specific ladder level, simply click the gold on green collect button. You will then enter the specific bonus round in play. For example, if you are in the Magic Toadstool Bonus Round, halfway up the ladder, you will be asked to pick 3 red & white mushrooms. These multipliers will then award you with winnings.

Your Budget Determines Whether You Continue to Play Beyond 10 Spins

There is a downside to entering a bonus round and clicking collect. Your game will end and you will have to start afresh. No worries, it’s a simple matter of clicking the gold on green ‘Start Game’ button. It’s a constant game of cat and mouse between yourself and the casino. You will always be enticed with pop-ups like, ‘You Could Unlock’ and then a picture of the specific bonus round or game up for grabs. Will you take the bait? Or will you end the game and start afresh? These are important questions to ask yourself.

Remember, you can always play this Irish-themed Slingo game in demo mode, while you are learning the ropes and climbing the ladder. As your confidence grows, and it will, you can easily switch to a low stakes game of Slingo Rainbow Riches and limit your bets to an acceptable value. We compiled an important table of metrics to help you understand some facts about the game, notably:

Jackpot – NoReels – 5
Producer – SlingoPaylines – 12
Minimum Bet – €0.50RTP – 94.92% – 95.6%
Maximum Bet – €200Largest Win to Date – € 225,068

Now you can confidently go and play Rainbow Riches Slingo in demo mode, or real money mode at your leisure.