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888ladies doesn't stop at just bingo! Our Chat Hosts are always there to float your boat on an ocean of chat games, where tons of Joy Points are just waiting to be hooked by one and all!

Chat games take place in all 75 and 90-ball rooms. Check out our wide variety of chat games below and keep an eye out for new ones that we throw in to the mix every once in a while.

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Chat Games

75 and 90-ball Room Chat Games

Game Name How to Play Time
24/7 Trivia room We know you absolutely love our fun trivia game, that’s why we decided to have them all day every day! Answer the questions correctly and receive 1000 JPs! Nutty Ninety, all day every day!
I’m an 888 lady When the first number that ends with an 8 is called out, the first player to type “I’M AN 888LADY” wins 1000 JPs! 1am – 2am
1pm – 2pm
8’s all around When bingo is called, the winner is awarded with 1000 JPs.
If the bingo was won with an even number, the 8th roomie above the winner and the 8th roomie below (in the chat) wins 1000 JPs!
11pm – 12am
Higher or lower The full house winner chooses whether the first number of the next game will be higher or lower than the number they won with. If their guess is correct, the roomie above and below the winner wins 1000 JPs each! 10pm – 11pm
Half A Dozen Win 1000 JPs when multiples of 6 are called out :(6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 54, 60, 66, 72, 78, 84 and 90) 5am – 6am
6 Under The 6th player below the full house winner wins 1000 JPs. 6am – 7am
Kickball Bingo with an even number and kick 1000 JPs up to the roomie above you.
Bingo with an odd number and kick 1000 JPs to the roomie below you.
7am – 8am
Shopping Bag The CH has, shopping bags containing shoes, clothes or jewels. Give her a number between 1 and 75 or 90 and you will receive the contents of that bag!
Shoes = 1000 JPs
Clothes = 2000 JPs
Jewels = 3000 JPs
8am – 10am
Chutes and Ladders When you call bingo on an odd number, a prize of JPs goes up the ladder to the roomie listed above you. When you call bingo on an even number a prize of JPs goes down the chute to the roomie listed below you. 12am – 1am
Pick a Buddy When you call bingo, pick another roomie and they will get JPs. 12pm – 1pm
Rhyme Time When bingo is called, the CH will reveal a word. The first roomie to enter a word that rhymes with that word gets JPs. 2pm – 4pm
Bingo Trivia When you call bingo, the Chat Host will ask a question to all the roomies. The first person to answer correctly will get JPs. 3am – 4am
Fashion Mishaps Call bingo and enter a number between 1-75.
By doing so you’ll reveal one of our most hilarious fashion mishaps and collect JPs.
6pm – 8pm
Fortune Cookie Call bingo and enter a number between 1-75.
By doing so you’ll reveal one of our funny fortune cookie slips and win JPs.
9pm – 10pm
Upper Buddy When you Bingo, the roomie above you in the chat wins 1000 JPs! 2am – 3am

Chat Games Conditions:

  • Participants must have money in their bingo accounts.
  • In 90 ball rooms, chat games will start after a Full House bingo is called.
  • You must be a funded player playing a minimum of 1 card to win points – in all games.
  • All the chat games take place in all the rooms except for Nutty Ninety which is dedicated for trivia games.

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